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Like donuts? you frequently consume? and if you can make it? refer to this paper so that you can feel your own homemade donuts
Snacking when on a diet restricted due to allergies or attempted weight loss is difficult at the best of times let alone for someone who loves chocolate and sweet snacks. These two sweet snack recipes are free of simple sugars, wheat, dairy, and eggs so they are appropriate for most r...
Corn poha is healthy snack and easy in consumption,its beneficial for kids as well as for other age groups too.
This recipe is easy and you can control the taste as you desire. Just one paste can be used to make many side dishes.
Here I'll give you one of my secrets. I like to keep some small boxes in my fridge with some snacks that can be eaten separately when you're hungry, or as side dishes on dinner especially when you have guests. One of the secret boxes has yummy chili cheese balls
Children love junk food but it is expensive and not good for them. Adults love snacks as well but the fats and calories make potato chips, (crisps), a bad diet choice for many. Here's how you can have the best of both worlds: food that tastes like junk food but which is actually healt...
A smarter than her age five year old granddaughter, catches grandpa red handed, in a tale of youngster vs old man.
There are many snack items that are available in school canteens, in shopping malls, in fast food centers, in the streets, in restaurants, and snack counters. While these foods are attractively packaged and nice to look at, it is always enjoyable to eat homemade food. Why?
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