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It can be very easy to make a satisfying meal from very little to work with. This is a delicious dish with few ingredients that will please many critiques! (maybe not the children though.) I can't say enough about how tasty this recipe really is. You must try it for yourself!
Today is turning out to be one of those off and odd days for me, i have them once in a while and they never fail to get my family asking me "what was wrong with me?". They are so used to seeing me in full wifey/mum/carer mode especially on the weekends, the few times, i just do nothin...
They played a few songs before they dropped the Ho Hey bomb. As soon as they did, cellphones (including mine) and cameras shot into air. They sang the first verse and then suddenly stopped just as the chorus was about to start. Wesley Schultz asked everyone to put any electronic de...
A classic jelly doughnut, dusted in sugar and oozing with strawberry jelly when you bite into the middle.
Your child is starting to get teeth and is moving from mushy foods to more solid foods. You want to send healthy foods to preschool, but the options at the store aren't that great. What can you send that is healthy and easy and safe?
We have to save to make the ends meet, but buying too cheap is a false economy.
Delayed post about how we celebrated our Easter with an Easter Egg Hunt for the children less privileged and a snack after.
This is s simple yet yummy bread that is good to eat during snack time.
Like donuts? you frequently consume? and if you can make it? refer to this paper so that you can feel your own homemade donuts
With the Super Bowl coming up soon, this is article of things to watch and eat for the Super Bowl. The super Bowl is one of the most watched games and this is an article is what to expected to watch and do for the game.
It is interesting what people think is painful and what others do not find painful at all. We all have our own ways of dealing with pain.
Snacking when on a diet restricted due to allergies or attempted weight loss is difficult at the best of times let alone for someone who loves chocolate and sweet snacks. These two sweet snack recipes are free of simple sugars, wheat, dairy, and eggs so they are appropriate for most r...
Owl's cafes are new trend in Tokyo Japan, the living birds Owls are in cafe to attract the customers. Some cafe people allow the customer to touch the birds.
Have you ever tasted chapati. Well, here is my recipe for chapatis. My family and i love chapatis so much that we eat them almost everyday. You should try to make some for yourself.
A favorite pastime of ours should be resurrected. Our family has wonderful memories of nights at the drive-in theater when the children wore their pajamas and we brought our own snacks as we watched the big screen surrounded by a thousand cars.
Anyone who keeps pet chickens can save a bit on feed, and can get rid of some kitchen, and garden, waste, by feeding certain left over people foods to their birds.
Suppose no one in your home ever taught you to cook? Well, it’s a great time to start learning how to feed you, if mother, father or nanas hadn’t venture to take you into the kitchen
This almond milk dairy free strawberry and chocolate shake recipe is a very simple and delicious way to get some of the recommended five a day. It's fun and easy to prepare making it a great treat for kids and adults alike, without the guilt.
We all know that reducing calorie intake is the most effective way to lose weight. However at times it may seem easier said than done. It can become a very obsessive and challenging task, that is why I feel it's best to 'ease' into this lifestyle change by simply choosing some healthy...
Advent season is almost over. The world is ready for the great festival of Christmas. All the denominations of Christianity around the world have various kinds of traditions and rituals to mark this season. Every season has its own food traditions according to the culture of the regio...
Corn poha is healthy snack and easy in consumption,its beneficial for kids as well as for other age groups too.
It is movie night, you have popcorn, sodas, and the perfect movie....but what's for dinner?
Prepared within 45 mins and a tasty snack for any time.
If The start of your party goes well, only good things can follow. We are going to have food set out for those people we will love again, come Monday and since I am so generous, presents will be had.
Eating low calorie, healthy snacks between meals keeps up your energy level and prevents binge eating.
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