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Was indeed the "garden of Eden" a factual experience? Let us see what the records indicate, shall we? But first, let us continue just a bit further in "examining" the Go-d storage of the Alms and the money masters." - Uthrania Seila Sentana-Ries Cortez
Miauli the cat and Veertjies the bird finally find out what has been bumping into their ship - and it's shocking!
Yesterday I came outside to find a dying snake, a dead frog, a lawn mower and two servants gawking at it. The site of it all was definitely a conversation piece indeed.
So, Mr. Slithers, feeling hot today are we? Yes, why don't you go for a nice cool swim? Just not with us!!!! WHAAAAAAAAAAA!!!! GET OUT GET OUT GET OUT!!!
Snakes.... snakes snakes snakes!!! If only they weren't poisonous, they'd be much more popular reptile pets. But, since many are poisonous, well, KILL THEM KILL THEM KILL THEM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! WHAAAAAAAAA!!!!
Ah, how comfortable we feel, Majesty and I, sleeping in a room with brown bricks, on a bed with a lot of straight brown wood in it. Come to think of it, where are we? Oh well, we feel at home here so let's not try to think too hard while I'm half sleepy and half awake here on the bed,...
Ah, snakes... they move so gracefully and well controlled, just the way a good cgi snake does. People love the many horror movies about killer snakes, but what happens when such a fatal monster finds itself at your feet, and you're like "WHAAAAAA!!!! Snake at my feet!"
Would you grab a snake behind the head and show it you're its boss? So would Duggles, the guy Father recently employed. It would appear some people just aren't afraid of snakes the way you and I are.
The family are on Tower Hills for the festive time. The children seem to enjoy it on Tower Hills, as the different family members' children can now play with each other. "Snake!" shouts one of them, running to the adults to come and have a look.
Excerpt from The Universes of God 3: The Chronicles of the Antichrist
Several myths about astronomy are explained by refining the search on celestial bodies which conclude with similar ideas which date back to pre-historic times but remained as unbelievable stories which are actually unexplainable facts.
One day the other kids saw that a cobra snake stood with his hood up behind Narendra. He was lost in his meditation unaware of the fact.
This is an attempt on my part to write a horror/religious/cultural tale.  Perhaps on a different world, perhaps on earth.  The picture was the challenge in one of my groups and was written about 4 years ago original title On the Percipice. The picture was a picture of a man-made l...
Life with some cats can be an adventure. Life with MY cats is a three ring circus with the animals in charge.
"Listen, Paul, I met a woman. Her waist, like a snake has, her tilts - like nurse has. Behind on ass, you can put the champagne - a bottle will not fall. A pretty woman has the beautiful shape - to hug and cry with happiness… Isn’t a story from “Playboy”. It is words o...
Egypt was not independent. It was a client state of Rome. It means that Egypt was part of the Roman Empire. At that time, Egypt had a king or queen, called Cleopatra. Cleopatra was born in 70 BC. She was daughter of the Egyptian Pharaoh. Her father died when she was young. She became ...
Bayou Moon is nature poetry about the bayou. Describing the sights and sounds of nature in the bayou.
The Universes of God 3: The Chronicles of The Antichrist preview
The Universes of God III: The Chronicles of the Antichrist Preview
Dreaming of snakes can mean something, but it still depends on how the dreamer experiences it.
About the writings of Twe Stephens, A Different ind of Christian Author...
What is a Herp? The word Herptile, or Herp, generally refers to any reptile or amphibian. For many people these are scary animals, but for others they are the perfect pet.
Strangest things are left in the hotels by the tourists like cash, passport, snails, snake, dog, wife,mother, cash etc etc in hotel rooms.
A strong heart is essential for a brokenhearted woman to commit suicide
If someone tries to destroy you ...kick that one in the balls region. Don't accept no nonsense... this world is fraught with venomous ones .
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