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~morning duties~doggy-doo pickup~scoop ‘em up~hose ‘em down~while performing mundane tasks I attempt to become mindless~something I’m much better at the older I get~there are rewards in the zero atmosphere between my ears~such as~
We have all seen this +1 button on our wikinut pages and they pop up in so many other different places on the Internet. Many of us had hardly come to grips with Google Buzz and Google Sparks and now this. All of which, we are to believe, was put there to make our lives as article publ...
~I’m not sure when the madnesses joined me~the ringing in my ears~like my five children~lovely~ cantankerous~boisterous, a symphony of sweetness~dawns & dusks~a midnight rambler~what joy they bring to me~a man born to be father~exalted further as a father of words~
This is a file for my own poetry, personal reflections, snippets of observation,, critiques of situations, or just plain expressions of a simple and a so-so keen observer like me.
Snippets. Bits and pieces. A thought-couplet, a paragraph on suicide, a spontaneous plan.
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