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Eskimos, popularly and interestingly called snow men are unique group of people from the rest of the world’s population. They are unique in terms of their lifestyle.
Awaiting Snow The winter is biting cold when after it snows Heaters must be on
The second story from the NEW Adventures of Dolly and David, "The day it Snowed"
The snow had been spreading across the UK all this week, without reaching Kent. But now it’s here, and what chaos it has caused. Read on to find out more.
At school Doug Gatt had his thumb shut in an iron door. Then it began to snow and we were allowed to leave early.
This poem is about a great snowstorm in a small hamlet, what it was like and the joy or hardships it caused.
That magic day will soon be here, now it's time to sit back and relax ..... that's what you think!
The snow fall is a poem for all snow lovers and so is the second one
Well we have snow before Christmas, and it shows no sign of melting. We are snowed in
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