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If you have a big family and want a clean house this winter, here is a way to organize the outdoor gear your family wears.
Max has just recovered from a bad case of the flu. He's been researching a way to reach the old homestead. There's a blizzard outside with high winds, snow drifts and icy roads. This storm will go down in history. The temperatures are below zero with very little visibility.
A little Christmas fantasy story, can dreams really come true?
I wanted to have a cup of tea with you today..COZ IT was so very cold today
Awaiting Snow The winter is biting cold when after it snows Heaters must be on
It's winter and a while since we saw the true colour of fields and roads by the moors. Everyting is white and sparkles in the sun in a village winter.
The second story from the NEW Adventures of Dolly and David, "The day it Snowed"
An Iambic tetrameter poem. A half-surreal approach to entities of the past that wander in air, above Thule - the ancients land's end. Thule: The geographical region believed by ancient geographers to be the northernmost land in the inhabited world. A town of Greenland founded by Pyth...
Even when it is cold and snowy there is still so much beauty to be seen I do in my willow tree...Join me now ..
Years ago the aurora-borealis flashed in the northern sky. In country folk law it was a warning of a severe winter.
A poem about winter and what people did in winter many years ago, hot chestnuts and bitter cold.
As I gaze upon our first snow of the season, my heart gets lost in reminiscent memories of cherished days gone by! I dedicate this poem to my granddaughter Kaitlin who will help me create new memories!
Under the cold moonlit sky, there lies a silent story of winter love.
"You take away me from the light into the dusk of faceless streets..."
As April shows its responsibility in a new year the early flowers are not seen so very well as the later flowers.
At school Doug Gatt had his thumb shut in an iron door. Then it began to snow and we were allowed to leave early.
This poem is about a great snowstorm in a small hamlet, what it was like and the joy or hardships it caused.
Another story in the "Fluffy's" series, this time a knock on the door of the head Fluffy brings a Big Big surprise.
How often in our joy seeking materialistic things, when there is someone there who is worth more
This poem was written in free verse with the movement of casual thought, as one might ponder a memory.
Winter days and rainny days are very nice days for indoor activities. When you cannot go out, why do not you taste your life inside your house. There are so many activities that you can do in those days, but cooking seems the best one.
The picturesque January snow is behind us, now looking forward to the snowdrops and other spring flowers in the Kent countryside.
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