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You probably have heard your close friend praises African black soap body wash- claiming that it was the best product they have used. If you’re still puzzled what’s in it, then this article can answer you questions. African Black soap as the name suggests is made by African women ...
Read on to know what these wise ways to use cooking oil are and be a smart one!
A satirical prose about not really far away kingdom cum social writing site frequented by macro-bloggers, neo-vagabonds and republicans..
Old, domestic products aren´t old-fashioned ones, but they´re as good as any others. they can save us a bit of money and they´re environmentally friendly.
A photographer utilised the opportunity of the temperature to take beautiful pictures with the help of her son.
Pack for college isn't as complicated as many people believe. You should split this into small categories and college dorm list. Follow this checklist to the last and you’ll find yourself gladly arranged.
A short story about an old lonely lady and the rescued dog that loves her.
Following on from Tuesday's episode, the next instalment of WIKINUT SOAP!!
Last time, we left Weird Ivan arriving at the Wiki Arms only for him to see the police were there first! What does he want with Jerome ?!?!?
Leaving Babs, Jerome and the police to their own devices today, come and meet a few more charcters that will form WikinutSoap!
The continuing story of 'Wikisoap' rolls on again but come on folks, let's have some interaction from you guys out there too!!
The continuing saga that is 'Wikisoap'! Come on folks, let's have some input to the storyline under the comments!
After the first interactive episode with two contributions, alas yesterday's didn't receive any!! Come on guys, add your instalments as comments and we can really get this 'Wikisoap' motoring !! Here's the continuing story.......
Great stuff on the first instalment of 'Wikisoap'. Many thanks to the first two contributors, Johnnydodd and GV Rama Rao.... let's see if we can get some more people involved! So now, following on from the last contribution.........
An idea I've had for a semi-interactive ad-infinitum story. I'll set the initial scene and as and when any readers want to contribute by commenting, I shall move the story forward implementing what has been suggested. Hopefully, if it gets enough support we'll have our very own 'Wikis...
Allergies in our Children are on the increase! Scientist have proven and reported that a clean house is not a healthy house.
A short personal look at that common product, soap. Is it's popularity being over taken by body wash?
Most all shampoos contain varying amounts of the same fatty acids. There are many types of shampoo; the plain shampoo, liquid cream shampoo, cream or paste shampoo, non-strip shampoo and liquid dry shampoo.
A few more ways to save money by cutting soap in half, using every micron of toothpaste misering electricity and stretching perfume
Combat the freezing coldness as well as skin dryness and winter itch.
Goat's milk is becoming more and more popular. Some people are even switching from cow's milk to goat's. Let us learn more about goat's milk.
Want a purging, clean soul delivered to you by the blood of the Almighty?
Two of the chemicals usually found in store bought soaps and shampoo are known to cause skin problems. Natural soaps are free of harsh chemicals and able to help nourish the skin instead of dry it out.
A regular wash is a must for keeping fresh. Bathing helps to remove sweat before it starts to decompose. A mild soap is always better and a clean sponge and wash-cloth are the only accessories needed. Regular washing also helps to retain your hair’s freshness.
A few of my favorite homemade, inexpensive cleaning products that are also environmentally friendly.
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