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My trip to Italy. A close experience with history I had heretofore observed just in picture collections and motion pictures. The landmarks, culture, scenery and food from the immense Colosseum to the spread of Olive trees-that blow one's mind! Last day of Globus Bus tour in Rome.
The Championship is the second tier of English soccer. This division includes relegated teams from the Premier League, so is effectively the gates to one of the world's best leagues. In this division there are a number of teams knocking at the door of the Premiership.
Before the 1970s the Poland soccer team had made little impact in the FIFA World Cup. Only once had they qualified, and they had played just the one World Cup game. With Górski as head coach a new golden era emerged from 1972 up to the 1980s.
There are a number of great soccer stadiums in Europe. Clubs such as Utd, Madrid and Barcelona have some of the finest stadiums. Here are a few of the great European soccer stadiums.
The European Cup is Europe's top club soccer event. With many great teams and players, it has the best soccer teams of Europe. It dates back to 1955 and by 1992 was revamped to the current Champions League.
Football, the beautiful game, has had many great matches. The classic matches are usually great cup finals of some description or another, but also games in the later stages of the knockout phases. They are usually matches for the biggest prizes.
Who are the best soccer goalkeepers? Either past or present, there have been a number of great goalkeepers. Here are a few goalkeepers that had a particularly big impact on the game, and so were considered the best goalkeepers of their respective eras.
The finals of the FIFA World Cup include 32 teams, with an unequal number from the various continents. A good number more teams attempt to qualify for the World Cup, but in the end only 32 qualify for the finals. Overall, FIFA has variable World Cup qualification formats for the vario...
Arsenal football club are one that has plenty of fans. As such, you can expect to find a good number Arsenal football club websites. Here are a few Arsenal football club websites that are worth noting for Gunner's fans.
The 1990s had some very good soccer players. Generally the best players were more forward players, but then there were a few very good defensive players as well.
In the 2000s, some of the best soccer players made a big impact in the game. Be it in the World Cup, or at club level in the Champions League. So, here are a few of the best players to have played in the period.
The old Wembley stadium had some great soccer matches. As a venue for the England national soccer team, a number of the best games played at the stadium were England games. Here are a few of England's finest games played at the stadium.
The record number of goals scored for England is 49. Charlton scored this record, although was not strictly a striker. A number of great England strikers have fallen short of this scoring record. These were some of England's best strikers.
Like most sports, soccer is entertainment. The game has attracted many fans, who do not really play soccer, but simply prefer to spectate and support their local or not so local soccer team. Overall, soccer games with many goals can be very exciting and entertaining.
Liverpool and Manchester Utd are two of English soccer's biggest clubs. In terms of trophies, they have won more than any of the other clubs and have had periods of domestic dominance that most of the other clubs have never matched. Liverpool vs Manchester is perhaps the biggest of fi...
In the sport of soccer, a derby is a game between two teams of the same locality. Usually, these derby matches involve city clubs. The great derbies include big clubs that are close rivals on the pitch.
In the 19th century the FA first laid down the first clear guidelines for soccer. Since then, these guidelines, or laws, have only been slightly modified by FIFA during the 20th century. These are a few of the key laws of the game.
The soccer goalkeeper is the last line of defense for a soccer team. They are the player that guards the net, and attempts to block shots from crossing the goal-line. As such, the goalkeeper is a very important playing position in the game of soccer.
The UEFA European Championship has the best teams and players of Europe. As such, a number of great players have played in the championship. Here are a few of some of the great players that made some impact in the European Championship.
The 1970s was a decade of mixed fortunes for English soccer. Certainly, at club level English soccer clubs had perhaps their best era in European soccer cups such as the European Cup. However, at national level it was quite a different story as the England football team went from worl...
England has had some great players. Historically, players of the '66 era who rose to the occasion feature prominently. However, there have also been some excellent players thereafter.
Soccer is one of the world's most loved sports. It is widely played in many European and South American countries, although in addition a good number of countries beyond this also play the sport. As such, the FIFA World Cup is among the top sporting events. These are a few of the coun...
Do you fancy a flutter? If yes, then read on. Before you begin it is worth noting that the bookies make sure the odds are at least slightly in their favor. Still, there are a few tips that may give some advantages.
Manchester Football Club have had some great games in Europe. They were among the first English clubs to challenge for the European Cup. Today, in the Champions League they have also played a good number of games. Here are a few of the Great Manchester Utd soccer games in Europe.
The England soccer team is one that has played in most of the World Cups. Overall, England teams date back to the 19th century, with a number of games played in the period. Largely, England teams played against the home nations, and so the serious soccer began in the 20th century.
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