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This Autobiography is about my personal journey out of the pit of Depression, Anxiety, Low Self-Esteem, & Apathy……..(the list goes on.) in my case, as a result of an Undiagnosed Personality Disorder, (We’ll get to that later.)
Newer identities of people posting in Facebook has been analysed and explained. Social networking has changed the mindset, has made newer relations and reconnected with long lost friends. It has also its funny side which is described by the author.
India's women are amongst the most abused and disrespected lot, why?
An issue of financial social imbalance. Every government should take this issues seriously . I have tried to give push to think seriously on it.
Children with sensitive abilities often get mistaken for having mental health issues. Although i was energy sensitive as a child, my circumstances was slightly different to other sensitive children. This story is a more deeper insight to my childhood.
What is on the outside isn't always an accurate reflection of what is inside.
There are many different types of anxiety disorders and many people who have them. A look at six of the most common ones. What are the symptoms and how are they treated?
Rebel with a Cause - a very week social drama due to disregard of psychological science. Logan Lerman plays a depressive adolescent growing up alienated from a sick society where gender issues, love, family matters and ethical justice are in question.
Many young children are affected by the fact that they have one or more parents in prison. The numbers are high, and rising way too fast. Here are some facts we all should be aware of.
The Good News In social marketing is boldly himself now has the power to change the face of your world as you know it.
This page is about shyness (social anxiety) how it can effect a persons life and some ways of dealing with it.
Two moderate-length poems. First about the anxieties of relationships in social media and the second a poem that I did actually originally write in a leather-bound book.
This is a short guide for how to be actively non engaged in some of the more mundane aspects of life
This page is about improving our social activities by changing our attitude
This is a poem, originally written for performance, after being given the title 'Internet Grooming' It is more hard hitting than my other stuff but I thought I would share it. Adult Content Warning.
George Bernard Shaw (1856-1950)-an Irish playwright was angered by the prevailing social problems.He was awarded Noble Prize for Literature,but was not willing to receive it.
MatesGate is a very fast growing social network, which pays you to simply be an active member.
Dates are difficult to find, but even a shy guy can get a date with almost no work. You don't even have to make the first move.
Human beings live with unstated grief. The fear of dissolving away (death) fuels the unquenchable mystery surrounding our restless and dissatisfied condition. We, none, want to view life as pointless and futile knowing that all of our best effots end in the ground.
Although we believe we need and want to feel important, that is the furtherest imploding desire from our unvexed hearts! We are really simple, ordinary, extraordinarily happy people, who enjoy connecting, sharing and loving without a beguiling 'lust of result'.
Going down into the perverbial 'rabbit hole' requires courage, along with the undaunted desire to learn and grow. It means to let go of the idea of who you think you are in order to find out what may be a more accurate depiction of your soul's intent. Nothing works as well as leaping ...
"Sexuality is the highest form of spirituality available to mankind." Unfortunately, we tend to shy away from the word sexuality as if it is some 'bad' or 'forbidden' term to use, much less express. Yet, we are natural born creators filled to capacity with overflowing sacred sensual ...
Everything happens for a divine reason. We are all engaged in various activities which generate an investigative approach to our lives. When we are fully involved in the day-to-day situations, 'showing up for the script', we are able to entertain connecting ideas, circumstances and sc...
Whenever we meet the other, we are, in actuality, facing an unresolved aspect of ourselves. Moreover, when we intimately engage in a relationship, we are working on latent issues that need addressing but have not been dealt with on the surface. Unconscious drives influence our actio...
Life is filled with enough vexation to last without our having to add to it with unnecessary worrying,frettting, imagining, and stressing while creating all sorts of unnecessary havoc. Every day is a brand new opportunity to meet unexpressed potentioal in a myriad of people, forms and...
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