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Will the United States get it's act together or will this current wave of violence sink any hope of real economic recovery?
Women have traditionally had a subservient place in African society, but change is now in the air.
Clothiers and designers practicing artisanal fashion production can influence their customers to support locally-made clothes, fair trade practices and local businesses. They can also educate their customers about paying a premium for quality products made by skilled artisans that are...
March 08th is International Women's Day, and acknowledged throughout the world as a celebration and appreciation of all women, and what they have achieved through economic and social change. It is also a day to pause and celebrate and venerate the woman within...
Social assessment, through the resultant social action, attempts to set right the shortcomings in the system.
Signs showing nearing the reproductive maturity during the puberty stage.
MatesGate is a very fast growing social network, which pays you to simply be an active member.
We need not be in such a hurry. We’re not going anywhere. We’re not going to get anything. This is it! We already have what we’re so desperately trying to achieve. No longer do we look for our ships to arrive.
Society was formed under an agreement would need a hold of morality that must be executed in a common life among members of the public. Consensus will be the rules of morality that will be done with a guide for all members of the community in conducting the various activities of life ...
Wollstonecraft, Wordsworth and Jacobs writings may be regarded as a call to action for social change to decrease the dehumanization and devaluation of women, workers and slaves, and thereby, increasing the quality of life for future generations.
We all have memories that are indelibly imprinted upon our minds. These distant memories contain various sights, sounds, and smells that affect our lives in innumerable ways. Until we embrace the 'themed' significance, the lid of true appreciation remains closed.
This page is all about a country that is struggling to find solutions to problems related to Social Change and the Church.
A new dawning of consciousness is upon us. We are all part of this galactically changing world. No longer can we ignore the indisputable importance of realizing how much we are all connected, and how each sacred sensual sexual artistic esoteric edcuational psychological creative act ...
A change in consciousness is occurring all over the entire globe. It's such an exciting time to be alive and part of the evolutionary movement in mind, body and spirit. The traditional edcuational system is going through a climatic change, as well. Esoteric Psychological Education is...
Economics is not the only determining factor for social differences,although the factor of productivity played a large part in understanding class distinctions when social classes were characterized in Marx's time.
Some changes real or superfluous, since the last war.
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