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There are many social issues namely child abuse, child lifting, dowry , casteism ,early marriage of teenage girls in rural areas ,kidnapping of teenage girls for the unlawful purposes, torture of women in the household, exploitation of poor peopl...
This article will explain my inactivity, however, this story is all about a guy on a website, where I had been amazed by, and felt sorry for. The thing was, I did want to hang out with this guy, and I am actually glad he stopped me from doing what I was doing.
Voicing the persistent problems India faces, unbelievable but sadly true facts and a call to the youth for change!
A poetic synopsis and critical view in the civilized man and its ethical decline.
The concluding story of girl who lived on odds with life and found solace and eventual good fortune from a rag doll who witness and accompanied her hurdles to decent life she deserves. \
A story of girl who had all the miseries of life and found solace and eventual good fotune from a rag doll who witness all her travails. This is my first collaborated poem and we"re still looking for publication house for e-book or traditional print.
Every choice leads to change. Big or small, today or tomorrow the choices we make will change our lives, or that of someone else. That is what this poem with its verses tells.
Welcome one! Welcome all, to this a doll’s tell about a plastic sad world were humans hide behind fake faces and masks. Come see humanity’s plastic world through poetry!
Birth of Domestic Violence and who to be blame for it!
With rising divorce rates among Baby Boomers and lower rates of marriage among younger generations, is marriage a threatened institution?
Homosexuality is gaining acceptance and a moral status beyond reason and understanding. This article sets forth the unacceptability and dangers of homosexuality.
This page is about shyness (social anxiety) how it can effect a persons life and some ways of dealing with it.
Nowadays, there are already numerous people who preach their beliefs to others. To reach many people, they use different mediums that can gather a large audience.
The Article speaks about sensational program of Amir Khan, Satyamev Jayate in Star Plus Program on sundays.
Collection of my deepest thoughts - sorrow, melancholy, frustration, anger - all included.
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