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The page will be focusing on new trends and updates in the world of technology and social media. The page will have new perspective about use of technology and social media in daily lives and will have various concepts focusing on technological advancements in day to day functions lik...
There was a time when I thought Twitter and Facebook would provide me with good free advertising capabilities. Build a fanbase for your product and service on there, and the world is your oyster, right?
The website, social network used to pay for its members for their activities on the site. It now ceases to continue to pay its member without notice and left all the loyal members in disarray.
I have been seeing many articles on the above subject. I thought it would be in the fitness of things if I also give my two cents worth about the various sites that pay money.
Facebook is doing everything to "last forever". ' The timeline is an example of this attempt. The network's objective to create it is to be with us at every stage of our lives and follow the stages through which we pass.
We all are human being. We came to this world alone and will also leave it alone. Between this time, we use to pass our happy and unhappy both life in society as we are social being. In society with family, we use to have some true friends always with us in the journey of our life. Th...
In the social networking sites like Facebook, many post their profile pictures with great leaders. of gods and goddesses, of animals, some even going for a gender swap. The author examines the issue and tries to diagonize the cause, suggesting that a true profile picture would enhance...
In the struggle for women's rights which stems well over a century some women made great strides in changing the social mores of the day while others such as Jane Addams were instrumental in creating a better place for women to live, learn, and raise their children.
Newer identities of people posting in Facebook has been analysed and explained. Social networking has changed the mindset, has made newer relations and reconnected with long lost friends. It has also its funny side which is described by the author.
This article will discuss some tips to boost your social media marketing which in turn will provide bigger earnings and profits.
How to use social networking in your blog where as Hordes of business people have been using these sites as platforms to deliver their message to the masses that in many cases are very willing to form a connection.
The majority of businesses do not have the power of a famous name to propel traffic to their website. This is where they need to leverage the power of social networks as a method of building trust and gaining popularity. This is the value of your brand having an independent presence o...
"She did what? He said, oh my! Such a shame!" Gossip mongers have a field day--as those who want reconciliation--to feel close to those loved ones passed risk airing out dirty laundry in their search for some way of dealing with grief. Remember them as they were, or find out who they ...
You will never know who may be able to assist you in achieving your goals so building open relationships with people may get you closer to the next person who con provide that assistance. Being an Open Networker means that you are prepared expand that network faster and are not afraid...
This article talks about respect, and how respect should be earned, never demanded from others. Every one of us is capable of respect by respecting others as we respect ourselves.
Previouly internet broad band is for speed, now 2G and 3G network in the market. For cell phone 2G network will work, but for system 3 G net work is must. is a rapidly growing social community. This website pays users for writing short articles (minimum 400 characters). If you join this site, you will earn 1 cent for every like, view, dislike etc. If you ask about my experience, one payment proof is enclosed in this post.
If you want to promote your business online, then you have to build up a good reputation. Twitter is a good tool for you to use. The key is to get people to follow you. Before people will do this, you need to have something worth following, so first impressions are crucial.
Since the creation of many social media and networking sites such as Facebook,Twitter and Myspace in the past few years, web world has become one of the main components in our lives which induces certain kind of negative impacts towards individuals and much worse, our societies. The s...
This post about what is social exchange system and how to use a social account to create money
Creating and using engaging social media posts to promote your brand/website or product has numerous benefits. This article highlights a few of them.
The likes count on different types of social networks, the presence of a Facebook brand page or a Twitter account and the presence of other social plug-ins on made the site very popular on social media.
The Super Bowl 2014 is not only a mega sports event but an extravaganza -one of its own kind.
Popular among teenagers as the one of the most popular social networks.
Usually used by teenage girls or may be boys too to submit their ideas with more creative ways.
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