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In this article, we have described how you can use social media to generate business leads.
The page will be focusing on new trends and updates in the world of technology and social media. The page will have new perspective about use of technology and social media in daily lives and will have various concepts focusing on technological advancements in day to day functions lik...
The article lets us know how the online networking undermines each individual most particularly youngsters today. This likewise advises us how to be a dependable client on online networking destinations like Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, Pinterest, and other.
Social media has become a coveted real estate for brands. It’s a crowded space where consumers spend an inordinate amount of time. Getting heard among the noise can be challenging, and brands looking to differentiate themselves, not only need a compelling message, but also - and mor...
I have been seeing many articles on the above subject. I thought it would be in the fitness of things if I also give my two cents worth about the various sites that pay money.
This article will discuss some tips to boost your social media marketing which in turn will provide bigger earnings and profits.
This article will provide advice for those of you who wish to use social media as a promotional method for your business.
India's women are amongst the most abused and disrespected lot, why?
A satirical article about a place (site) plagued by internal conflicts and misadventure.
Social media is the perfect platform for the innovative marketers who knows the significance and benefits of personalised marketing.
An open letter to social media speaking about how it has changed our lives
Social networking websites offer a wonderful way of sharing ideas, and prompting people to think on issues they may have otherwise not spared a moment for.
This is a piece about how social media has impacted society
Social networking has exploded onto the scene. There are various micro-blogging platforms such as Twitter, Facebook and even Instagram and they have together created a fresh outlook on networking. By expanding the reach of the average user, they have also supersized the traditional ai...
Gain more Facebook and Twitter fans for your business with these 5 simple tips! What to do to keep your customers engaged, and what to do to keep getting more fans for your business's page! Avoid these silly mistakes that will make you look foolish.
Since the creation of many social media and networking sites such as Facebook,Twitter and Myspace in the past few years, web world has become one of the main components in our lives which induces certain kind of negative impacts towards individuals and much worse, our societies. The s...
Creating and using engaging social media posts to promote your brand/website or product has numerous benefits. This article highlights a few of them.
By using the correct social networking and social skills to build up your accounts you can see huge increase in the readers of your work. This article covers a few of these social media principals.
The likes count on different types of social networks, the presence of a Facebook brand page or a Twitter account and the presence of other social plug-ins on made the site very popular on social media.
I am sharing this method to other online writers - either he is a blogger, a would-be blogger or other type of online writers, the knowledge I got and learned from my online writing - first to my own blog site and from my blog site I ventured to other online sharing revenue sites. Fro...
The Super Bowl 2014 is not only a mega sports event but an extravaganza -one of its own kind.
Popular among teenagers as the one of the most popular social networks.
Technology indeed gave us ease on a lot of things. Our works are easier because of the machines and computers that have been perfected over the years. But what has technology done to us as a person?
Some credit agencies use social media to determine if someone is credit worthy, but its not entirely a bad thing. The information that you post on sites such as Facebook and Twitter may be used for or against you. If you are aware of your online identity you can promote yourself and l...
With a growing popularity FACEBOOK is reaching to new heights everyday.With the help of stats , facebook is amongst the most successful companies the world had ever had.I do agree its successful financially,also its very popular and people loves the website.But i doubt that it is a su...
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