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Corporate Social Responsibility or CSR is an important competitive advantage for businesses all over the world. This article tries to define the concept and gives several examples of CSR actions.
Giving and Charitable causes is always a complex issue and we are asked to contribute for much of our waking day, but it is necessary to ask whether we should be giving to many of the causes or whether they should be a part the duties of a normal caring society?
In this article, we tackle the importance of Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR), Corporate Social Investment (CSI) and the ethics surrounding both, in a global context.We will also look at how sustainable these efforts are.
Do you realise how important your job as a parent or educator is?
When the public likes and promotes sin, businesses have a motivation to blacklist Christians from industries that interact with the public. The problem is that such acts can increase social, political, and economic problems.
Whether a business has a social responsibility to the communities in which they operate is an element that seems to be missing from the business strategies for many companies. How do the businesses you know perform? Here are some thoughts on this critical subject, and you are invited ...
Poverty and slum areas are synonymous in Bangladesh, but the level and degree of sufferings vary from region to region. This is a gist of a study done in the Sylhet District in Bangladesh.
This is a poem that I feel should look differently why youth behave the way the behave.
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