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Why the United states has truly lost it's way and left our seniors out in the cold
The voice of the people are being drowned out by self serving elected officials.
Will 2016 be the year of change or will it just be like 2015?
The US government is involved in a large scale scheme to defraud our seniors and those on disability who are using a direct deposit debit card issued through Social Security.
How cyber crimes have come to pray on Seniors who depend on their Social Security
There is still time to stop an economic catastrophe and ensure the safety nets like Social Security will be a guarantee.
Entry level workers are clamouring for a higher wage; but what about those who are retired or disabled and cannot work? How do they survive on less?
Minimum wage discussions have been all the rage, but what about the money required to pay the rent?
Whether you are searching endlessly for information on social assistance programs, or are simply curious about such programs, sit back, relax and let me be your guide through the government labyrinth.
Recent actions in Congress not only show a lack of understanding of the system; but also a gross lack of respect and disregard for the constituents they serve.
The Baby Boomers, in great numbers, are getting ready to retire. Alicia H. Munnell has a new book out that offers three choices for retirement.
The future for all the Tom Hardwoods after reaching 65 those golden years probably won't be golden after all.
Social Security cost of living raise won't help the millions of seniors who really need a helping hand.
Social Security schemes as they were established in many European countries is part of the Welfare State.
Social Security has been around since 1935. Here are a few facts about its beginning. (Original column appeared in the Boonville Daily News on May 3, 2012.)
The elderly are wanting Congress to hurry-up and meet the deadline by balancing the budget without cuts to Social Security or any other fund that is their main line of support. What is the Congress waiting for time is running out. People are hurting, and the country is at it’s budge...
I thought I had heard of nearly every job until I met this client. I thought he was joking at first.
Why there is a real need to increase Social Security benefits today
Not just the U.S. government but indeed the whole country seems to be confused, divided, and angry. A hypothesis as to why.
This should be an easy to follow guide to reach success in getting your Social Security Disability and Benefits you might have known about. Since this is formatted by someone who has been on this path, I wanted to make this stress free and informative.
The government safety nets are being overrun with people needing these services just to survive
The Good News In social marketing is boldly himself now has the power to change the face of your world as you know it.
It is time for the progressives who put Barack Obama in office to begin to actively work to prevent him and his administration from doing any further harm to our republic.
Part 6 of my blog series Life As A Medical Anomaly. Updates on disability and wonderful support systems.
As to standard definition Social Impact Assessment (SIA) includes the processes of analyzing, monitoring and managing the intended and unintended social consequences, both positive and negative, of planned interventions (policies, programs, plans, projects) and any social change proce...
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