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Despite the claims that the economy is improving there is much to fear for those that live below the poverty line in the United States. For those unemployed, underemployed, living on welfare the future seems very stark indeed.
Bernie Sanders, the only Independent Socialist in Congress, is considering the possibility of running for president. Do it, Bernie!
This is the fifth part of a series about capitalism, democracy, and the rights of the individual, which covers the types of nations that we have around the world in the modern era. This definition should be understood as a crucial part of this series, as is the next part, the types of...
There are some core principles that the major political parties around the world are based on. Despite the names that may be used it is important to understand the true nature of each political party in your country - the name may have you consider it under one flag, yet in reality it...
This is to clear up certain misconception between socialism and Christianity. Many people may want to see socialism in the eye of Christianity. But the two can never go together.
"...isms" are often the things people believe and the "...ists" are those who believe them. The first part of a series musing on some of the ones we know best.
English Craftsman, Poet, Writer, & Socialist – William Morris.
Workers of America unite! You have nothing to lose but your freedom!
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