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Your child acquires an understanding of other people through relationships with family , friends of all ages, and strangers. Your child learns how to fit in with others, how to make friends, and how to show consideration.
The page will be focusing on new trends and updates in the world of technology and social media. The page will have new perspective about use of technology and social media in daily lives and will have various concepts focusing on technological advancements in day to day functions lik...
Social Exchange Theory is a theory that is based on the exchange of rewards or positive rewards and cost for measuring the value of the result / earnings on the different situation for each individual
I wrote this poem to show Selfie trending in social media... Selfie descibes our happenings in daily lives.
A little something about talking with others and relating to other people. Connecting and being friendly, this has good tips for those who want to be a friend.
This is a short guide for how to be actively non engaged in some of the more mundane aspects of life
This article is about Social Sites which is reducing the real meetings and Get Together.
This article is about the online addicts whoever forget the real socializing activities.
This article is about flirting and back stabbing in social sites
This page is about intichat which is paying for our social activities
This page is about paying social sites which is the best way for online income
This article is about earning money from paying social sites which is the best way for online earnings
This page is about our expectations in social sites. We expect a lot from our social site friends.
This page is about the benefits of social sites which help us to communicate with our friends
This page is about improving our social activities by changing our attitude
In this modern days, we can find a lot of online addicts and most of them having their social site accounts and spending a lot of time with social sites.
An account with social book marking sites is a must one to the persons whoever searching unique traffic to their articles and promotional links.
Some persons will cancel their social site account for having problems, but this activity is not a good thing, better to block the unwanted persons and give up their friendship than giving up the site.
This article is about socializing with others, we must mingle with other persons and make a good friendship...
Students part in social service is very important. Students have the ability to change the society.
This page is about making money with our social site accounts.
This article is about don'ts in social sites. We must avoid the following things while using a social site.
Triond and wikinut both are revenue sharing online article writing and sharing sites. Triond is a little older than wikinut and the latter is now emerging as one of the best revenue sharing site. As far as people joining these sites and writing for it is concerned, there are some of r...
Here in this poem i have described my concerns about my usage of the leading social networking site-FACEBOOK.
MatesGate is a very fast growing social network, which pays you to simply be an active member.
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