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My feelings regarding my shadow and realizing what I wanted will not always be the same later on down the road.
The law of karma reflects the law of cause and effect, according to which all our actions of body, speech, and mind are causes and all our experiences are their effects. We are given time and chances to correct our course but we do not seem to care as we repeat our mistakes, play with...
One of the joys of debate is that for any ideal there are many alternative theories about the best approach to take, the trouble is it is often possible to reach an impasse and take no action at all - this rarely helps anyone when action is required.
Now everyone can buy gadgets. A lot of us who life today between in two of worlds, the first is the real world and the second is virtual world. All thanks to tablets, phones, computers and also all the gadgets that we have. But ~ "Let's Raise Your Head for a More Beautiful...!" ~
Its a short poem about my son alfie who i lost a few months ago. I wrote it to get it of my chest and thought it would be good for others to read and help them through hard times.
this article reflects how the american society is more material than spiritual and how the thanksgiving day is less important for the people.
These just some thought on the Delhi Rape Victim case. Just my opinions and thoughts. Not blaming anyone. Just have a read. =)
A short story of modern day life in the "new normal" world. An expose' of the disconnect people exhibit in the modern world in their every day actions.
I wrote this along time ago because I had lost myself to a society allowing myself to conform to there dictations of what norm was and was afraid to face there ridicule until I realized that was the norm to them may not be what the norm is. It is only there opinion and may not necessa...
Hurt and bruised by 'the Man' and yet we continue to press on without Hope or Faith
How will you react, if it is said that they both have similar status.
In most of the time intentionally or unintentionally people tend to cross the line and expand their business which are criminal offenses and could be heavy penalized for it.
People suffering from AIDS are not accepted as just another persons suffering from a lethal disease. They are looked down upon. A Cancer patient might get all the sympathies and prayers, then why not AIDS patients. They need us! They need our love & care not our anguish or ignorance. ...
There is a lot more than we know or understand "behind closed doors"! Domestic Voilence should not be tolerated, at any cost. But still some women give up to their self respect and dignity to amaze most of us, but there are always 3 sides of the story.......
Another effort to show how the 'Youth' of a nation has been mystified by this 'Phony Engineer' tag they are dragging themselves with.
Erving Goffman, one of the leading sociologists of the 20th century wrote many groundbreaking books and articles. This review examines his book "Interaction Ritual", and examines behavior in social situations.
While many assume the concept of "evil" has always been a part of humankind's sociological and cultural development, it is in reality a relatively modern concept. This article explores the historical, spiritual, philosophical, and socioscientific perspectives of the concept of "evil....
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