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We had better face the fact that our way of life is in trouble until we come to realize that there is a way to solve the many crisis that continue to plague the US.
Today our society is ruled by a power structure that makes implementation of solutions to solve the major crisis of our times almost impossible
We are all extraordinary and we all have something unique and phenomenal to contribute.
A piece to remind myself how beautiful life is. That whenever things don't go my way, it's the universe telling me that I have to go back to where I have started.
Compared to when I was a kid, society challenges us in ways we never could have imagined. With the current trends, what is to become of us?
the future of the morality of Homosexualism and the effect of this on young ones growing up.
A ancient court system that followed extreme measure of punishment to those that did not uphold rules.
Remembering a period in time when hopes and dreams could be fulfilled.
Some guys have too many midnight wives theirs else guess
Periods in our history that affected sociological changes.
Hello folks and welcome to the Devil’s Advocate series with me as your host and author, the MelanKoliK AlKoholiK. Today we speak on a topic that plagues us even within the 21st century; prejudice. Note that we aren’t going to discuss a specific form of prejudice. We are going to s...
The years of yesterday have morphed into a somber and more harsher reality.
This is a short poem describing the wrongdoings in today's society, and how we don't seem to combat them with just simple conscious thinking.
Wikinut has announced it will not be paying for content posted meaning all users will stop earning revenue from the site. This news comes out of the blue as payments made were more of an encouragement than rewarding. Hopefully, matters will turn around soon so that we continue to have...
Our perceived differences hold sway to prevent us from standing by the vast majority across all borders irrespective of their beliefs. Our leaders have to rise above frivolous and selfish political bias, hidden agendas, to address problems threatening to get out of hand.
Humankind has an underlying collective consciousness that is built-in for our survival. Having been placed at the apex of all species, we have a higher task. We can be the lord of all we survey but that comes with responsibilities too – let our actions resonate them.
The march of science and technology is gathering speed but our base, foundation, remains primitive. Only an inclusive journey – the oneness of creation embellished with the uniqueness in each of us – can carry the day. There is no one size fits all in the creative process that we ...
This topic page talking about everything that goes on and its news
A "tertulia" is an informal gathering on which some people meet regularly to talk on a choice of themes and to practice the art of conversation.
There is still time to stop an economic catastrophe and ensure the safety nets like Social Security will be a guarantee.
We are unable to come out of the rut of vicious circumstances we have created over time and most important is the inability to agree to disagree which is a hallmark of democracy and freedom. It is time to agree on the fundamentals to pull ourselves up by the bootstraps to better our c...
Guns are not the answer to solving today's social and economic problems, contrary to what many Republicans keep touting.
So, being drunk and noisy isn't acceptable to a society that at the same time practices drunkenness and noisyness eh? Well, the trick is probably not to be the only one. Go find another community if that's your thing, as Kees found out recently...
This poem may be true to the world of humans .It tells about too much greediness of money and power.This greediness may resort to life's destruction.It also shares destruction of life due to endless wars.
Listen to the inner voice for passion, guidance and encouragement. We have to move on with a spirit of inquiry to better our lot and by playing our role as co-creators. Our quest for an inclusive ride will soothe the nerves of those who feel left out and even encourage them to join th...
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