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Sketch is a tool used for 2D drawing in the graphic window of SolidWorks. It is like DWG editor software. In this article we get through tools, symbols of tools and description etc.
This is post showing how to create part or model in solidworks using loft boss/base features tool. It also explains each and every steps in detail and also included the images of it.
SolidWorks is CAD (Computer Aided Drafting) software which is mainly used for modelling and it is commonly used CAD software. SolidWorks have two types of packages (Professional and Educational). In this article we only deal with the education package of SolidWorks.
This is tutorial showing how to draw circles in solidworks 2012 in systematic way.
Do you know features of SoildWorks? In this article we deals with many features used in SolidWorks for creating a model.
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