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Articles written by P S Remesh Chandran, Editor, Sahyadri Books & Bloom Books Trivandrum, published at reputed platforms including Wikinut, Linked In and Internet Archives which are of interest to students, researchers and general readers are brought here at one place as part of a ser...
Alexander Pope was born a Catholic in Protestant England, was forbidden to live in London City and was liable to pay a double taxation. Moreover, he was suffering from a series of diseases. ‘To combat these handicaps’, he possessed more than the courage of a lion. His poems were a...
When you are busy talking you are too busy to hear what others are saying. The same applies when your mind is so preoccupied with thinking and analyzing. You can’t hear what you’re trying to tell yourself.
We are what we choose to be, if we think ourselves too old, too bitter, too tired...then we can choose something else.
Take a look inside my mind first hand and see why I chose to be a loner and how great it has been for me ever since.
Perfection and trying to be perfect can be exhausting.
Danielle left Max behind to return to her farm. Her heart is heavy with sadness. The trip was a nightmare and she's fortunate to have survived it.
tik, tok, tik tok... tik, tok, tik tok, tik, tok, tik tok, tik, tok, tik tok, I would like a cuckoo clock ...
A nonet poem about how meditation can help one clear his/her vision, thus leading to renewal of insight.
It may not be romantic, but when decide to marry or to live together, we're arranging to have a sort of contract.
As the headlines remind us, there are all kinds of ways to arrive at peace. (Photo by Martin Stranka)
How and why do adolescents and young adults search for devotion in every short-winded love affair? Can we distinguish between infatuation and true love? This European style drama/romance film seeks the answers in solitariness and in social consciousness.
This poem depicts the effects of solitude in our life-WILLIAMSJI MAVELI
For a quite serene lake to relax and have privacy Big Ole Lake is your utopia.
There was a real Castaway upon whom Daniel Defoe based his character, Robinson Crusoe.
Back garden bench philosophy, and whispers from my soul...
More poetry compiled from 2002 and before Poems from the heart.
Poem in anticipation of a horrible fate. Luckily, the cancer screens were negative.
Sometimes we fear our own mind, and for good reason. This is a poem about just that. What it fees like to have a mind that never stops.
This haiku explains some of the feelings a person might feel when dealing with solitude.
Anysberg, or Aniseed mountain, so named after the splendid scented air wafting up from the unique and diverse indidenous wild herbs growing abundantly in this region.
This is a simple poem with a complex meaning. Comments are open.
A melancholic poem depicting solitude, nihilism, and pain.
This page is about being alone, we will find our creativity while we are alone
There is no better place to find an answer to a timeless question then in the solitude of a "forever sky..."
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