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There is a place somewhere where we can all find the joy and harmony we want for ourselves. It takes a clear intention to be there and many will come to trip you up on your journey because they are not there and do not want you to get there either...disregard them...keep on...
Days and months are passing by , new things and new people are attaining vitality. Somethings and some people are draining out of mind , past experiences are fading but there is something which isn't fading are the memories with you. But I don't want this feeling to perpetuate any m...
Everybody who is a nobody wants to be somebody and get somewhere.There is no point on going on the road to nowhere. He must do something to get somewhere.
Another poem title inspired by a friend's facebook status and on a love that is within my heart.
A newer poem first inspired by a status update on facebook turned into something within my heart and soul about missing someone.
Left alone to stew in his mixed up emotions, the poet relates his thoughts as to eggs in a frying pan, a deep, dark, and iron frying pan.
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