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April is the month of Autism Awareness, this frustrating condition can blight many lives, so drawing attention to it is a positive step. Read on to find out more.
I wrote a poem after having first child and thought it only fair to write one for my second child too! Life has become twice as interesting!
Father and I have a very good diplomatic relationship. But that is simply not good enough for Mother.
This poem is dedicated to those of 9/11. We miss those that we have lost and remember them every September.
Ah, religion... controversial as hell. No pun intended. Now that the world is properly confused about these matters, should we still be spreading religion? These days I don't know what direction religion should go, if any direction. It seems it's tearing people apart, polarizing t...
Suddenly Marzeus remembers something. Waldorf had a cat who regularly has babies. Perhaps he still has her, in spite of the fact that Knabbit has killed many of his pet cats too. Maybe he'd have one that is lactating? It's worth a shot.
If your child was bitten by a dog you might be concerned if your child is at risk for getting rabies? Can children get rabies from a vaccinated dog? How to know if your child is infected with rabies. How to tell if a dog is carrying rabies.
I am not a doctor nor anything close to being one but I have discovered a new virus. It's been present for all these years. People just see it on a different point of view. They see it to be trendy, fashionable but it's not. It's something severe to the point where there is NO CURE bu...
My father was very important in my life. I like to think, that I am a lot like him. He was a creative, kind, giving man. I cherished the time that I had with him. I see him in my son, through the things my son loves to do and the way my son treats other people.
This is the story of a little dachshund named Lee? Getting this dog change my life in more ways than one. She was meant, to be with my family. If, we wouldn't have saved her, I don't think, she would be around, now. She is an amazing dog, with lots of personality and love.
Abraham and Sarah have a son in their old age and name him Isaac. Sarah insists that Ishmael and Hagar must leave as she does not want the son of the bondwoman growing up with Isaac.
The end of summer and school reopens with Nath going for the first time.
My dark novel EVIL WOMAN was published in 2013 and in June this year the sequel EVIL WOMAN...takes Revenge will follow. Read on to find out more about it.
God tempts Abraham by telling him to take his son Isaac, the boy who had been born to him and Sarah in their old age, and sacrifice him as a burnt offering.
this is a story about a mother and her kids and how she was when, how she with them and how treated them. this story would make you want to get mad but sorry for what happened to them to those poor kids and you might want to be strong person but it has a very very very happy ending fo...
A poem about a son's recollection of his mother's life on the occasion of her funeral.
This poetry describes a Birthday party at home which is celebrated by the family in a poetic form.
There´s no age limit for learning or studying while one has a mind in good form.
My father has been blessed with longevity. Recently a new great-grandson was born and he was honored when he met and held him for the first time.
This is a profound piece of how actions in one lifetime are played out in future times. I am a participant in this action just as many participate in actions with their families...i hope this affords understanding for it is written with love...
Time passes so very fast. It seems like I wrote this just yesterday for my son's 21st. birthday.
This song became so familiar in the early 70's performed by singer-song writer Cat Stevens. whenever there is an event associated with fathers and sons, this song is usually the best choice. When I was in my high school days, it was not 70's of course, it was already in the 90's an...
The results of a miracle are revoked when the recipient uses profanity.
From 4 Years to 9 Years Age-My Son Swarup Roy Growing Day By Day Its Really Nice to Observe Him Growing
Poem about my life, my family, the goods, the bads, and the proud moments shared between loved ones.
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