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Each generation parents lament at the music of their children...but how bad are they really?
Join me in a stroll through an eclectic collection of short stories filled with gay and straight characters in the mid-Michigan communities of Lansing and East Lansing and surrounding areas as they laugh, love, and find their lives intertwined in inexplicable ways. (Some of the stori...
From song titles to the silver screen to society, The Man has held sway over his minions for as long as we care to remember. Here lays a quick remembrance. And the groupings? - Made sense to me.
I wrote this poem/lyrics on 2014-05-04. I wrote it after a long time not writing. I lost my muse, but I love this poem. This one is one of my favorite. I dedicate "Black Gold" to Jeff Buckley. He inspired me to write "Black Gold". I wrote it while I was listening to his album "Grace"....
I am writing this as I sit here, so it's not anything that was well thought out or planned.
You never can quite reach that goal of true happiness.
More poetry from a wandering mind! Who knows what lies behind these eyes!
I wrote this as song lyrics, possibly for someone more musically inclined than I am.
It is a well deserved statement that "there is at least one Hindi film song for every season and every reason." And the secret behind the statement is the fact that most Hindi film songs have lyrics, which people can easily relate to and identify with.
Elevator song Let's make love as we go to the 86th floor
Yes folks, there are gay cowboys, more than you may realize. Let the bubble burst!
I've been writing songs and song lyrics since way back in my college days. This particular song was about the hard times many of us were experiencing in this country at the hands of "Reaganomics". I find that the message is still timely today.
Don't we too hard on those souls who write messages on bathroom walls. You never know what kind of learning experience you may find there . . .
In the final installment from my memoir I tie up all the loose threads and little mysteries which have been unanswered up till this time.
As I graduate from my master's degree program and I should be celebrating the pinnacle of my success, I can barely walk and require yet another surgery . . . which nearly kills me.
Sometimes those of us gentlemen of a certain age need a little assistance . . .
Have you ever been stuck in a place and time and worse yet in a town and in a job where you didn't want to be? I have, and so I wrote a song about it.
In this paper I will look at the lyrics to The Band Perry's song, "Better Dig Two", and break down what makes the song a hit.
Do you think someone that has a crush on you be the one you truly loved so much in your life?
Can you really be just an ATM machine of love for someone only in life or just a nice day dream about it?
Can a potty type mouth person really make everyone around them really fast?
Can your heart really have windows in it to have someone's love show even more?.
Can a very nice cute looking girl your dating have a way better moustache then you? or is it just a crazy dream?
When someone breaks up with you can you still walk away a winner?.
What does love and a blood sucking mosquito have in common in life?
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