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Songbirds are quite popular among the backyard bird watchers. United states has plenty of backyard birds.
A Special Thank You to Wikinut Member ( Songbird/Bev) for all the help and guidance she has given me since joining Wikinut.
I thought I would bring the good news that our very good friend Songbird B (Bev) has won a first prize to the sum of £100 in a Poetry Competition run by United Press.
A short poem about the singing nightingale at night and how we are very lucky if we manage to hear it`s song.
Funny poems for JohnnyDod's [link=] *"Your next Challenge write me a funny article" *[/link]
Reading my poetry, someone asked me these three questions to include my answers in their research paper. I gave my answers, but never got any feedback from the reader.
When the trees are bare and the ground is frozen, we need to remember our feathered friends and leave them some bread crusts, toast or crumbs etc. A supply of fresh water maybe in a dish is helpful too at times when water puddles are frozen.
We capture different emotions and thoughts when we hear sounds. They touch our hearts with passion, happiness, love, fear, and many other responses. This song was written while listening to the magic of the trains whistle, while I sat one evening by the computer. It is one that is in ...
The gift of capturing a moment in time...held forever, within the press of a button.. Such ways of building memories, help give us the foundation of a life well lived...
The isolation that we all can sometimes experience, can be great indeed....The longing for fulfilment, the need to be heard, by even a passing stranger....who pauses to listen...
The Punk rock female artist who started when she was16, has now become a rockstar. See what she's all about.
Many people have noticed a drop in song birds in their area, especially folks in the northern hemisphere who regularly put out winter feeders for the birds. Often people will blame their neighbours cat for killing the birds, but in fact the majority of the avian population decline is...
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