Pages tagged with Soul Purpose

What is a Master number and is it significant? Are those people with these numbers special? Numbers indicate potential and like all destinies and free will it is your choice to choose your path.
Where can you find out about your past lives and is it safe? The Akashic Records is a library that records all your soul history, which you can ask permission to read.
We are perfect in design, the catalysis to our own mind. But life is at times a factory line. To stop and look deep with in, is medicine to cure our sin. The sin of not loving all that is within. But it is not our fault, after all we live in CULTure. But the mind is to precious to be...
God has a certain plan for every life. It is his divine will that we fulfill this plan for him. To help us to do this, God has given us certain gifts that we can use in our lives whilst we are striving to serve God, by our fulfilling of his divine will for us, as it pans out for us ...
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