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Sounds of trumpets..We all love music but at times the solitude adds to the sound So does this one
There is something that is becoming very clear to me and that is, the lifestyle that I have lived in the past, has a lot to do with what I am experiencing to day. It is a fact of life, you can't erase your today's consequence that is results from yesterdays actions. No way. No how!
There are numerous benefits in preparing the will while you are still of sound mind. The will gives you a peace of mind knowing that all the events surrounding your end of life, are executed in the manner that you want, and that your wishes are respected by those left behind.
What is the difference of being a sinner or saint? Which one do you think you are? We are all sinners and none of us are qualified as saint.
Man is made up of three components, namely, spirit, soul and body. It is the spirit that determines all of your decisions and the quality of your lifestyle.
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