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A poem describing leaves falling off a tree during autumn.
it was only a raw wave of sound, but it managed to change the destiny of so many young spirits.
The beautiful sound of music was her beautiful muse, the one who made her feel like a better person.
The story of youth, of growing up in a world that knew no pain, no heartache. A time when the only songs we sang were of love.
The birdsong of springtime is such a joy to hear. The Mockingbird is one of my favorites.
Sounds of trumpets..We all love music but at times the solitude adds to the sound So does this one
Sometimes our mind plays tricks on us. When we are at crossroads or when we think too much about certain things, our subconscious will lead us to the right path. This is one such story.
If you aren't sure how to use a Youtube video in your Wikinut article, or there's a video you think you'd like to use, but aren't sure you are allowed -- you're not alone. Let's create some together!!
My poem " [link=]Kid, stand on your own [/link] " was published on 06-Mar-2011. Now, I'm surprised to see that this poem has been receiving many views per day recently.
With all the hustle and bustle of life , it is good to quieten our soul , and draw close to God and walk in His presence the cool of the day .
It is a poem which describes the inner feelings and thoughts of the poet
This is a collaboration poem that my wife, Noreen and I wrote together. I hope you enjoy this one, too!
I caught like a catcher your star, it in you out in me now alight, and like you I play my guitar, death in life to be won by delight.
"Two sides of life within a ring merge in a deathly swirl of round..."
Meditation is a great way to clear your mind and make you think less about the material world. Meditation is very relaxing and soothing.
White noise in the bush. The white noise sound of the wind, rain, and waves is therapy, Stand still. Hear it -- it's everything and nothing at the same time, It's the sound of the country and nature, Sound carries so far and so purely. There's nothing to interrupt it; it just goes o...
Let us forget the cacophony in our lives. Let us revisit tranquility.
A quick story of sounds I can hear right now. It is raining in Melbourne.
We capture different emotions and thoughts when we hear sounds. They touch our hearts with passion, happiness, love, fear, and many other responses. This song was written while listening to the magic of the trains whistle, while I sat one evening by the computer. It is one that is in ...
I wrote this poem for my two kids. They have grown up but they care little to read my poetry. I know one day they will appreciate my feelings. Please write your comments. I want to know whether the kids are same around the world, when they are born and as they grow up.
Many times we relish peace and quiet. What noises bother you. My air conditioner is too loud.
Though I love the people in my neighborhood I don't live in the best area. Sleep is sometimes difficult to come by. No complaints, it is what it is and this is what I got from it. Enjoy the poem.
There is a time for silence and noise. It is up to us how we use both.
Music has power to heal diseases. Music is certainly next to silence.
The second element is the pitch; it refers to the location of a particular sound on the musical scale. Usually, the customary pitch is in the lower half of the range of the speaker. It is important that he or she must not remain on this range all the time rather, the speaker should br...
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