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What caused the Civil War and when did it start? Good questions to be sure, but there are probably as many answers as there are historians. These dates and events, however, are probably on everyone's "last straw" list.
After 54 years of flying over South Carolina, the Confederate battle flag has been taken down.
South Carolina has institutionalized racism by virtue of the fact that it flies the Confederate flag on its capitol grounds. This is a state whose official embrace of a racist symbol fuels the hatred of whites against blacks with - as we have just witnessed - disastrous results.
Still the violent acts of homegrown terror continues, When will we put an end to all this senseless violence?
The very haunted Poogan's Porch was once an eloquently embellished Victorian home that was built in 1888 and was named after “Poogan,” a scruffy neighborhood dog who began making himself at home on the huge porch that offered enticing scraps from the charming abode that owner, Bo...
A brief background of Charleston, South Carolina’s history and Folklore!
A visit to Hilton Head Island, SC, is not complete without taking a tour of the island's remaining lighthouses
These phenomena occur on a national stage often times they bubble up out of a subculture. Often the predominant culture is superfluous or has a distorted impression of the on-goings. Only to be blindsided by the effects the elevated collective consciousness of the subgroup eventually ...
Garbed in a periwig and fancy clothes, Stede Bonnet who knew nothing of captaining took to sea, his sloop stocked with his beloved books and a mind set to become pirate.
In the years between 1716 and 1718 was the rise and fall of Blackbeard; one of history's most famous pirates.
A lively redheaded beauty; Anne Bonny was a wild-heart who refused to be bound by society even if it meant mayhem and murder. The life of a pirate beckoned to Anne and a pirate she would be.
Need information on the original 13 colonies of America in a hurry? You'll find out what they were, when they were founded, when they became states, what their capitals are and much more quickly and easily.This short aritcle is jam packed with tons of information and includes links fo...
Test your knowledge about the 13 Original Colonies of America by taking this entertaining quiz and trivia challenge. Then compete against the audience to see who can unscramble a few words and make the most words out of some colony names. Are you ready to face the First 13 Original C...
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