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Rising South Korean outline studio Archiworkshop has infused a few genuine style into its as of late finished "Glamping for Glampers" venture. Spotted in the bumpy district of Yang-Pyeong in South Korea, the remote glampsite characteristics a progression of extravagant "tents" which a...
The Seoul South Korea based architects in the leader ship of Vincent Callebaut wish to built a L'air Nouveau de Paris (or New Paris Air), the construction in a shape of egg like metallic circle towers consists of offices, residential place, Business and lodgings each shell is connect...
I'm not fond of writing poems when I was a student in high school. In fact, I had never written one which was a requirement for Literature or Creative Writing class back then. Yet, leaving a life away from home for months, made me realize that every person is truly gifted with creativ...
Approximately 12 pm, all are finished. All files and recap from my bank envelope insert, fold and write my address to the South Korean Embassy in my country. Promptly at 2 pm after lunch, I drove to the South Korean Embassy and handed me the file, to the receptionist.
Galbi came from the Korean word "Short Ribs". Galbi Jim is a Korean short ribs that are slowly simmered over low heat until tender and has a sweet finish. It has been regarded as a high class dish in South Korea. Enjoy this expensive cuisine in your home with less expense but with alm...
Read about a man that has been sentenced to life in a North Korean prison with an indefinite term of labor education. All because he decided to help the unfortunate within North Korea.
Some people are drown every day in some part of the world. How do you make sure you aren't one of them? About 1000 people died in ferry accident worldwide every year. But the actual figure could be double this amount.
The summary execution of North Korea's number two, Jang Song Thaek, bodes ill for world peace. With many countries acquiring Weapons of Mass Destruction it is time the world powers banded together for survival.
A lot of developing Nations, especially from Africa seem so backwards in the global trend of technology, advancement in civilization and living condition and one may seem to wonder why this is so. Are there no resources at all in these regions? Even if there aren't, are the human reso...
Kim Hyun Joong is the leader of SS501, South Korean boy group. But aside from singing, he can act, too! In fact, he is best known for being the nice guy 'Yoon Ji Ho' in the hit drama "Boys over Flowers" last 2009 and famous globally for portraying the genius 'Baek Seung' Jo in the te...
We manage to complete the race of life despite the strife and challenges. In a way that makes it all worth the while. However, we have to move another notch to make our lives more meaningful and wholesome. Looking inward in contemplation for wisdom than just reacting to sounds and sig...
Park Sung woo jung Kwon and fashioners from South Korea made an electronic invisible umbrella that repels the rain drops
Toilet theme park is located in Suwon city of South korea, the theme park is based on the shape of toilet form
The Bampo bridge was constructed on Han river at Seoul, South Korea, to arract the people they have arranged the 10,000 Led nozels to sprinkle the water from the river.
The world might have raised its eyebrows when the UN general secretary Ban Ki-moon danced to Gangnam style with South Korean rapper Psy during a meeting at UN headquarters. Today is UNO Day. Will the Gangnam Style Boost the Activities of UNO?
Now Durga Pooja also celebrate in the Capital city of Seoul, South Korea by Durga pooja committee.
War breaks out between nations just for a heap of land or because of rulers’ ego. Who has to suffer eventually? Even if a nuclear bomb explodes in a neighboring country the impact will spread globally. Narrow minded politicians may not consider it for their temporary benefit.
On the last day of the games how did we do? A final assessment on today at the Olympic London games.
My report from the London Olympics through a Brit’s eye from a British point of view
Today Kyongju is called Korea’s “Culture City” or Museum without Walls.” Kyongju City, with a population of 100,000, still maintains the traditional Korean architectural style of housing, which is hard to find in other regions of the country. Farmers work in the fields where...
The bid winners Sepp Blatter announced for the 2018 and 2022 Fifa World Cup bitterly disappointed Britain, Australia and many other football loving nations around the globe.
This article explores Jeju-Si in South Korea as a travel destination.
This article explores Cheongju in South Korea as a great travel destination.
This article explores Danyang in South Korea as a great travel destination.
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