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This is one of the many recipes in my food blog.Jerk cooking is a Jamaican tradition and is much appreciated and loved by people from all over the world.To create a jerk dish it is basically all about the herbs and spices used.
A look at yet another of the wonder foods we all take for granted, this time is the humble Soya bean. Read on to find out just HOW good this modest little bean is and what it can do for us and the planet.
It might sound disgusting, but after you try this, you will never be able to eat another burger again without it.
Headache is unpleasant sickness. We had better know the causes of headache to prevent it occurs.
A delicious recipe for some Asian Tilapia that has a nice tangy flavor from the mandarin oranges. The soy sauce really ties the dish together.
No, I didn't invent this totally delicious recipe, I had to "reverse-engineer" it. There is a delicatessen shop in Munich called "Dallmayr" and they sell this lovely salad, we bought it often. One day, I went into the shop to ask actually if they could let me have this recipe, but the...
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