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As the Academy rolls out the red carpets and starts awarding golden statues, I thought it would be appropriate to name some of the best space movies ever produced.
John is falling through space, facing a sure death...... Suddenly, a glimmer of Hope....
The battle for the earth has been waged, darkness had come out victorious and now is posed to make their final strike against earth, one which we will not survive, and yet there is but one glimmer of hope as the sacred chosen may still hold a key to saving the world as as the battle r...
"To me, you are the alien. You mean to rephrase your question and ask me am I hostile or peaceful." The alien reached out his arm, which was Graham's.
They might be good friends and teach us how to live and respect all forms of life in space.
The door opened very slowly and a cool red mist accompanied by a fresh rosy breeze entered and spread around the spacecraft. I stood up slowly and made my way to the door and peered outside.
A tale of the importance of earth and of how small it is.
Chapter thirteen from the Dolly Ducktail story's Dolly and David decide to go to the moon, and with the help of Daddy they make it.
Mans endeavour to reach out to other planets has taken another major step with Mars-500 the multi-part isolation experiment simulating a manned flight to Mars. and now today's launch of NASA's Mars Science Laboratory (MSL) takes us one step more.
Benefits and utility of gifted items due to space research in our daily life.
This is a recall of a dream I had five years ago. I had a feeling in a recent meditation that it is my duty to share this dream now.
SpaceX is a US based company which manufactures launch vehicles and spacecrafts.
Beginning next year, ordinary, everyday people will being making unprecedented journeys into space on "Enterprise" and "Voyager." No, this isn't Star Trek, this is the future of space travel--today!
The title "Knights of Bonalla" may seem a strange one, but it becomes obvious upon reading.
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