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Not a conspiracy theory, but actual sightings from various space administrations worldwide, have come to light. The puzzling part, is if NASA have known all along, why on earth have they been denying all knowledge for years and have kept it hidden from citizens for so long?
The Tree of Life is recorded as one of the great mysteries of religions backed at times by what you call myths; but what, in fact, has the altered history of the Tree of Life actually hidden from the people? – Uthrania Seila Sentana-Ries Cortez
Some older boys are taking an interest in girls Max is more interested in Space Travel and theater.
“Oh my goodness. It seems to be a diary of a different sort altogether.”
University of Pennsylvania offers ‘wasting time on internet’ course and new planet discovered 2,300 light years from Earth.
Debunking the Ancient Aliens theory. A new theory on the history of Mankind.
I love the exploration of new things to an extent. I'm a great fan of Science Fiction more so than Science itself. I think now as an adult, I lean more to the side of conservative when it comes to space exploration, and all that NASA stands for. We have lost much more than what we sup...
The future of mankind lies not here on earth but out there somewhere beyond the heavens.
As the Academy rolls out the red carpets and starts awarding golden statues, I thought it would be appropriate to name some of the best space movies ever produced.
Virgin and other privates companies will make your dream come true: travel outside the atmosphere.The Moon conquest its near and the exploration of Mars too. The childhood memories about science fiction travels is becoming real.
How it started and where will it end......we only realize the importance of a particular period of time in history long after its influence is felt. That isn't true with the 80's decade. We are still feeling and seeing its influences and that isn't likely to change anytime soon.
Investors and television broadcasting rights are financing the colony on Mars that is the project of Mars One, the organization with the Dutch entrepreneur Bas Lansdorp at the head.
Orbital Sciences, a company contracted by NASA to take supplies to the International Space Station, launched a test rocket one Sunday in April 2013.
At the launch of a NASA's LADEE unmanned moon orbiter, it was to be a frog that stole the show. That's one giant leap for frogkind.
John is falling through space, facing a sure death...... Suddenly, a glimmer of Hope....
The battle for the earth has been waged, darkness had come out victorious and now is posed to make their final strike against earth, one which we will not survive, and yet there is but one glimmer of hope as the sacred chosen may still hold a key to saving the world as as the battle r...
If we already know that we are not alone in the universe, then why are we searching for evidence of life on other planets?
How adventurous are you? Would you stay in a hotel in space?
"Supposing there's something unpleasant and unwelcoming out there?" "Life is what you make it, Graham. If you believe there's something bad out there, then even if there isn't, it will appear out of nowhere."
Space, the final frontier, how true that is. Our future lies out there where no man has gone before.
They might be good friends and teach us how to live and respect all forms of life in space.
She moved in closer and saw a large red book lying on the cabinet. It had a silver lock on it.
This is a series of articles on how to shoot your kid into space by drinking less beer!
A short outline on how to shoot your kid into space by drinking less beer!
A tale of the importance of earth and of how small it is.
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