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Hot news in science this week (though it's not really science) is the claim by a Canadian astronomer that his search for extra terrestrial intelligence has identified incoming data from 234 alien civilisations. One of the problems in assessing claims like this is in the world of scie...
The brothers of man are out there somewhere beyond the stars.
Let us begin again from where it actually began for us.
This is one you have all been waiting for. The Original Record account of just how and why the Hellion races penetrated the rip in the fabric of space and who indeed put it there. – Uthrania Seila Sentana-Ries Cortez
Reasons Why we should all endeavor to go to MARS from a common mans perspective
Independent thought and a common sense approach regarding alien existence.
I intended to write music for these poems but I never did, I hope you enjoy them as they are.
Will mankind be able to fulfill his destinies and survive? Maybe, then again maybe not.
There are many varied explanations for what the Universe is, and for what it's all about. This article explores three of these explanations. Read each section, and see for yourself, which one you think is the most plausible, and so more likely to be the true one.
NASA has a contract with Digital Arts Leadership and Innovation (DALI) to develop a new virtual reality system using the Oculus Rift display.
The vastness of space is almost impossible for us to comprehend, this page is intended to take a wider look at our Galaxies and others.
Now it is easy to install a elevator in the house with little space and little time for installation. This can be used for one person it can be worked for 2 to 3 floors.
A reflection on the life of Leonard Nimoy and his effect on culture as Mr. Spock
A review of the year 2014 covering seven topics and the most notable stories in each.
flights of fancy you may say but i know more than just fancies...experience is my reality and so i write such things as these...please be aware that all of my work is copyrighted Carolan Nathan...happy New Year to you all
Soon people from earth will be reaching out into space through time travel Even with the possibility of danger in reaching out into space for a few moments, many wealthy people are willing to take the risk.
University of Pennsylvania offers ‘wasting time on internet’ course and new planet discovered 2,300 light years from Earth.
The urgent need to develop the means for interstellar space travel.
Before known time at beginning of this fourth yuga no-thing existed...then out of chaos came evolution and it has taken over 400 billion years for us to be as we are today and some still are not....enjoy!
This will take you on a journey of no return...if you will...yet it also correlates being here and being there..reality and illusion take your pick...and do enjoy
This will not be understood by many and believed by very very few but it is still What Is and that is why I love writing such pages! not to upset but to open closed minds...and there are a few here who will totally understand this page..enjoy
A stock-taking of achievements and failures of my country.
The current Warner Brothers Blockbuster has passed the $200 million domestic gross mark, and that's a great thing for Hollywood. Our blogger analyzes and reviews.
Redoing your old bedroom is fun. It can be a challenge too. Let us investigate the factors that help and those that hinder the creation of a truly magnificent bedroom.
This is a basic guide for people who struggle with typing basic sentences, in terms of how many spaces to put after a comma, or period. How to use simple punctuation correctly.
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