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What is the future of the human race? Scientists have found out that if human beings are to survive in the near future, we will have to explore and colonize other planets. Whether we finally decide to make the earth completely uninhabitable with the growing levels of global warming or...
On rural and urban orchards that are letting people to grow on their own food.
This is a basic guide for people who struggle with typing basic sentences, in terms of how many spaces to put after a comma, or period. How to use simple punctuation correctly.
The battle for the earth has been waged, darkness had come out victorious and now is posed to make their final strike against earth, one which we will not survive, and yet there is but one glimmer of hope as the sacred chosen may still hold a key to saving the world as as the battle r...
A tale of the importance of earth and of how small it is.
Inspired by Photo 19 by Cassia about how open field can find many different things.
~ she had spiders nesting in her hair ~ wouldn’t come outside ~ some do-gooders in a white van came ~ they locked her up for not coming out ~ couldn’t find any more homeless people to harass with their egg salad and kool-aid ~ makes me laugh ~ when drunk guys spit on ‘em ~
~stoned streets in the pale dawn~Jim Morrison ~general welfare is not the sphere of truth~Nietzsche~I hope your dreams take you~to the most special places~your heart has ever known~Charles Manson~the fever called living is conquered at last~Poe~
What do you think if the Sun stops shining? Read it out...
I cannot fathom being stuck out on the nations highways, without food and water, or any of the comforts of home that I have grown accustomed to.
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