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There are a number of great exotic travel destinations. Such destinations can be great destinations for holidays. These are a few notable exotic travel destinations in Europe and beyond.
There are a variety of potential European destinations. While the climate is warmer in the southern Mediterranean region of Europe, northern Europe has some notable cities which attract tourists and visitors. If you are interested in a European holiday, then consider some of the follo...
In some primary education schools, they have decided not to celebrate Christmas as they used to do to not offend to migrants' children.
Barcelona is the capital of Catalonia, and is one of Europe's more exciting destinations. This is a city located on the coast that is a bridging point with the Balearic Islands. The city is located in northeast Spain, to the south of the Pyrenees Mountains. Barcelona is renowned for i...
Never been to Europe before? If not, then there are some notable destinations which are worth a trip. For the most part they include some of the more prominent European cities, but you will also find some sparkling waterfronts and beaches on some European coastlines in the likes of Sp...
This craze for independence in Catalonia is being backed up and stirred by the financial system that attempts to dismantle countries.
The city of Barcelona, located on the coast of Spain, is a great city. Overall it can make for a good summer trip for visitors, with beaches by the sea but also has architecture, arts and sports and entertainment sites.
Barcelona is the capital of the semi-autonomous region of Spain, Catalonia. Located on Spain's Mediterranean coast, the city is the main bridging point to the Belearic Islands. Here are five of Barcelona's highlights.
Spain began Euro 2012 as the best team in Europe, and when the final whistle blew in the last game they remained as such. The Spanish became the first side to defend the UEFA European Championship. This was added to the FIFA World Cup to complete a unique hat-trick of trophies. Spain ...
This article includes a brief traveler's guide for Barcelona in Spain.
From Las Vegas to Barcelona, discover the best destinations to host your bachelorette party, whether you’re looking for sea, relaxation or a 24-hour party
A nice wine to review is this Kirkland Signature wine, once again from Spain's foremost wine producing region of Rioja. Here w have a dandy of a wine with a nice array of flavors and indisputable taste and personality.
Mencia is a native varietal in Spain's prolific wine regions known for its top class wines. Here we get a deal of a wine that suits for royalty with pauper prices.
Spain's team has won the UEFA European Championship three times. Alongside Germany they have dominated European soccer. Spain's triumphs in the Euro cup date back to the earlier tournaments. These are a few of the team's great games in the UEFA European Championships.
The Rock of Gibraltar is a U.K. overseas territory in the south of Spain. As referendums to cede Gibraltar to Spain have gone in Britain's favor, it remains U.K. territory. It is most famous for the 426 meter Rock of Gibraltar. But visitors will discover far more than just the Rock. H...
There are some great coastal vacation spots in a some European countries. Be it in the UK, France or Spain you can have a great holiday on the coast. These are a few of the great coastal holiday spots in Europe.
This is a brief history of Spain's record in the FIFA World Cup.
Barcelona is the second largest city in Spain and has about 1.5 million inhabitants. The city receives millions of tourists annually, one of the tourist attractions are its beautiful lush beaches that is visited by all kinds of people in the world.
A commentary on the abuse of sports, but particularly football at a time when there's massive unemployment, evictions and people living on the breadline.
Tips with the TOP 5 Best Cities to Visit in Spain. YOu will love!
Let yourself to be everything you can be , Remember to be happy
It seems that the World Wide Web has become like a pain in the arse for some folks.
The project of the Churches Conservation Trust in UK will help to maintain their heritage that belongs to the people.
It takes place every year from March to April and it's an experience for the adventurous traveller.
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