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This is a short poem about a dark, but gentle night, and a beautiful dress made off little glittery dots.. or stars
The electric eels’ sparks.Some of my poems were composed as early as in 2009 hence may not match up Please do bear...
An former ugly duckling sees no reason we all can't be swans. A short article in praise of self-love and cosmetics. Get your sparkle on!
This poem just explains how I feel as a writer sometimes. I'm sure we all feel like our talents are hidden from the world....
this is a short story about a guy who tries to blackmail a girl but someone else tries to save her.
A poem about the north star, how it sparkles and why it is a great object to have in the skies.
This poem is when you realise how much that special person appreciates you as well.
I love blues and the sky and the idea of fantasy. These things mixed together inspired me to paint this blue scene of wonder.
Without the person you love, can you still continue living happily? I can. Why?
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