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I rather liked having less dogs around, now that the two black dogs have disappeared. The dog food lasts longer, there isn't any violent dog politics (dogs forming groups that attack and bite each other, as has happened between the dogs in the front yard and the dogs in the backyard) ...
The story of my two cats Cuddles and Yammy and how it happened that I came to adopt them.
Many pet lovers wonder what it is like to work at an animal shelter, how to get the job, and what it is like. My wife worked in an animal shelter for 5 years, I have interviewed her asking the most common questions about getting a job at the animal shelter.
Dogs behind the wheel! Animal experts in New Zealand are teaching dogs how to drive and it took the three canines just eight weeks to master the basics.
Let’s take an inside look into my personal experience with the adoption of two forever buddies and their enrichment to our family.
Shelter animals are like diamonds in the rough- all they need is a caring family willing to provide consistent training and love, to make them sparkle again. What are the benefits?
Curious George was found wandering along a road - he had been starved nearly to death and abandoned. Luckily he was picked up and taken to the SPCA and fed and gained weight and was adopted.
I feel so sad to see little animals on the street, Defenseless, cast aside, abandoned, left to roam. Don't pass them up, give them a chance, To live in safety, off the street, and in a loving home..
There are many types of pet rescues, some are legitimate, others are scams. If you are forming an animal rescue, or are looking to get a pet from one, or give a pet to one, you need to be sure of some facts.
Pet adoption is something everyone should consider if they are thinking of getting a new pet. Learn more about the Advantages of adopting a Pet.
It is almost Christmas, your local Animal Shelter needs donations. In fact they need donations all year long, these are the things that animal shelters need most. Written with the help of my wife, who worked at an SPCA for 5 years.
My wife has worked at an animal shelter for 5 years (an SPCA in Canada) I asked her some of the most common questions about Animal Shelters and these are her responses.
My wife worked at an Animal Shelter in Canada for five years. As a result of more animals being brought to the shelter than being adopted they were forced to euthanize some pets. Here is an Interview I did with her about her experiences.
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