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Orientation for the Medical Assistant Classes and Learning what my Speech Course actually consists of... Public Speaking... Ughh... Not my favorite thing to do.
How we could be a good listener. My thoughts on it.
Using Navigation sidebar with headings in a Microsoft Word 2010 document. Using the speak feature to find errors in the document.
To step out from the crows and create new ways for others demands discipline
So you are thinking of joining bubblews, here is all you need to know about bubblews.
The fear of speaking in public is said to be the number one fear for many people. Many have lost opportunities for moving ahead in their personal lives simply because they were afraid to speak up and be noticed. There are many ways to overcome the fear of public speaking. What is impo...
Always listen a lot more than speak ,the reason for every disagreements and controversies and thus their effects is our incapability to listen to some other.
Most people only preach ...what they say they hardly follow or know ...they just mug up and sounds blow
Toastmasters set the best language seminar or training ever. This is commonly applicable at school and in an industry as well.
April PAD Challenge Day 3 through Writing Knights to write a poem about Pride.
Tact is something we learn in life as we grow up, but when you are a young child, you just speak as you find. Read on to find out more.
This is for the earth, rain forest, and elephants. Somethings go unnoticed when we are not standing in front of the danger, but we need to stop and listen to the message of the universe, and feel what all living things feel when we are so carelessly harmed. The pain can be unbearable ...
A third person way of looking into my life through the variety of things in my life.
What we speak, generally very much formal, very much reserved in nature. This is not what our heart wants to talk at all.
The UN decision was a wise part, and followed by any country, so as to save the people of Africa only a short path. Or indeed to suffering Africans?
What thou seest, write in a book, and send it unto the seven churches which are in Asia
Of God's love and grace for us. Remembering Jesus' work on the Cross!!
Everybody fears interviews. Only the intensity is high or low. This article provides some tips for overcoming the interview fear, following which can increase the success rate of your interviews.
Speaking is so important for us all. Speaking well will help us in all aspects of life, whether applying for a job or asking for assistance. We remember those who speak well and those that do it badly, but for very different reasons. This article presents some tips to good speaking.
The fourth part of the speech mechanism is the articulator or the modifier. Belong to this part are the lips, the teeth, the jaw and the palate. These components are responsible in modifying the speech’s sound. They serve as the movable boundaries of the resonators. As the speaker m...
It really is the little things in life that touch my heart, and mean so much.
I pray for the eternal world peace. All of you are my soulmates.
~ I am a guide to the labyrinth ~ Jim Morrison ~ Are your longings under a thousand maths, you fool! ~ you poet! ~ Nietzsche ~ I hope your dreams take you to the highest of your hopes ~ Charles Manson ~ by good angels tenanted ~ Poe ~ name it religion ~ sacrifice others ~ save your ...
The nature of soul is mysterious. The soul resides in the body and behaves as an individual with unique characteristics.
It's all about your behavior...polite and humble people always surrounded by friends and well-wishers.
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