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Some may remember a song that was a hit back in the late forties and the early fifties that said, “You Always Hurt The One You Love. The One You Shouldn’t Hurt At All” and it was sung by several of the top musical talents of that day. I remember it being sung by a popular group ...
There is no one as special as you are. You are special just the way you are
a friend is a special one, a treasure, a cherished dear one who spices up life, here is a dedication to you... a special friend!
Love can be expressed in many ways... in speech, writing, gestures, or gifts. This poem expresses it in flowers.
A romantic, love poem about making your man proud, love him and make him feel special.
This poem is for a special friend who is many miles away from me. This is my way of expressing how I cherish our friendship.
Each of us search for that one special "Someone" in our lives that makes it all worth while.
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