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With the passing of Higher Secondary Examinations ,the guardians become scary to select right path of careers for their sons and daughters. according to their marks obtained and ability to pursue their studies. At this juncture careers ar...
Every once in a while it is important to celebrate your successes and on this occasion, my 500th article it is appropriate to celebrate both my success and the success of a website that I love and some people past and present that have made this journey through Wikinut interesting.
Instead of targeting the few who are out to exploit the loopholes in law, new compliance requirements in banking make life needlessly difficult for the majority whose needs are basic.The cost burden and time needed make the poor poorer while the rich are hardly touched in the end.
Ray was followed by the likes of Ritwik Ghatak and Mrinal sen, Adoor Gopalakrishnan and Girish Kasarvalli, who made films that were (and still are) appreciated more by audiences abroad than back home. Decades later, the arrival of the multiplex has revitalized the small film.
How can a father fulfill the last dream of his daughter? This is the translation of my first prize winner Malayalam story about an endosulfan-affected child.
I have wondered, especially why the words spectra, Spectres, and Spectrophilla runs through my mind and thought waves. What do they mean and what does it signify? What mystery lay behind it all? Is it all just a mindset spectacle? Maybe it was because I always love to hear my grandda...
Invented electronic communication system called SST along with George Antheil. Official visit of Hedy Lamarr can be visited at for her honest quotes and B&W pics of Hedy Lamarr.
God put a rainbow in the sky to remind us that he will never flood the earth again. It’s a token of remembrance. So every time it rains there is a rainbow somewhere reminding all mankind that God has made a promise to us?
The Sinclair ZX80 home computer, at £49.95 was the cheapest personal computer on the UK market. lets look at what it could do.
Information on the amazing power of the organisms to emit light. Most of the marine animals have the ability to emit light for various reasons. Let us explore.
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