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So Mother wants to speed away from the black truck driver who's walking up to her window. What if he eats us!!! Whaaaaaaaaaaa!!!
Road safety is a public issue and governments are becoming more sophisticated in their ability to detect road violations.
Do you ever get frustrated in traffic and make a fool of yourself? Well you just gotta know that I do.
She wrote but made me recall the drive twas in the deepest tunnel since archived
A French kiss is a big charming moment to joy on date. Select clandestine and anchored place. Maintain adequate articulate hygiene, and adequate breath. Make butterfly kisses at the abdomen of you adherent to abolish all-overs and hesitation. Add some array into it. Do not delay for t...
If you want to succeed (in having a good day), you better watch your speed (on your way to work).
When you stand on the street corner waiting to cross, and wait you must because vehicles have the right of way won't stop for you. They are in a hurry and are very important.
“Didn’t you know that you are not supposed to be having se*x in public?” he asked the couple. Being embarrassed they said yes, and apologized.
This article is about speed of the internet connection.
This poem was written to document a life changing event in the author's life. She was the victim in a terrible car accident in high school and suffered severe physical and psychological injuries. This poem was written one month after the accident and was an attempt to cope with the in...
The young drivers inexperience and speeding on the highways
Scott Hallock is a 28 year veteran in Law Enforcement and tells what the top six traffic violations that Police Officers look for.
Tips from Officer Scott Hallock on how to avoid getting a speeding ticket.
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