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Elemental path is making Cogni toys for kids, the plastic cogni toy Dinosour made by Elemental path connected with IBM's Watson falsely savvy PC framework. It's likewise a learning device, which captivates the tyke in instructive play for spelling, rhyming, vocabulary, and number jug...
How to correctly conjugate the Spanish verb Ir in all correct forms and tenses
How to Conjugate Comer, this page gives the conjugations of Present, Preterit, Conditional ,and Future
Fourth in the series of pun-filled poetry on the topic of homophones, I hope you can understand (and enjoy) a little thing I like to call "Fun With Words." I've "translated" this "lesson" line by line instead of via stanzas as I have done in the past. I hope the change makes for easie...
It is difficult for some people to realize the difference between homophones and misspelled words. Homophones are correctly spelled words used in incorrect context. When they start to make sense, the result is (I hope) a funny mechanical mess.
Good homophone lessons should be part of any grammar repertoire. But lists of words just don't stick in the memory like visual verse. So please enjoy the "lesson."
With the internet, blogging, and media connections, the written word is more important than ever. The words we use -- plus our mechanics and our grammar, -- are the first and sometimes the only impression that others have of us. Here are some tips for your typing to be top notch.
Writing is a good way of expressing your thoughts, hopes and fears, but it's the editing that counts. Read on to find out more
If you like writing, there are many online writing sites, and the more you write, the better you will get. Read on to find out more.
Using the Correct Homophones to Improve Writing Skills
This page is about misspelling the name in the certificate without our knowledge. We must be careful in this sort
The people who visit our web posts are working people. People come to our web pages looking for answers to a pressing need. They're not willing to read pages of superfluous words to get that answer. We develop a following by giving our readers what they are searching for. We can help ...
Simple, yet effective tips in spelling using your senses and the four strategies of spelling.
How many times have you hit that submit key to post a comment on an Author's work, only to see that deep seated dread of typo error rearing its ugly head for all the world to see? Do you cringe inwardly and crawl away in shame? And what makes it can't correct it either...Oh...
Spelling is important, and this video shows a good reason why. Knowing how to spell the street name you live on is also just as important!
The importance of finding, and using, a really good editor if you want your book to be read and taken seriously.
In this small articroll I pey homage too the humble speel chequer and how it hellps me so much wif my wok.
The article outlines the importance of writing an article along with some tips that writers may find helpful.
How easy it is, when typing on-line in haste, to make errors....and however often we check, we still don't always see the obvious ones......
How writing on sites like Wikinut can not only get the creative juices flowing it can also improve your spelling, grammar and punctuation. whenifirststartedwritingoninternetsitesmyarticlesusedtolookedsomethinglikethis!!
This is not about on comparison of sites. I believe that learning from my mistakes sometimes help me become a professional. This is what I thought and would like to share it to others the lessons I learned from my experience and from making mistakes.
It does not matter how carefully we proofread what we wrote, there will always be an error in grammar, a typo, a misspelled word or some other error that we do not catch. Our proofreading will never be perfect, but there are steps that we can take to improve our proofreading abilitie...
A poor disillusioned teacher dreams of a way out of teaching.
Ginger software is a new spell checker program for writers and just about anyone. It is said to be and intelligent spell checker and go beyond your normal spell checkers.
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