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In this day and age, there are still people who are too ashamed to buy at clothing stores that don't have really expensive overpriced brand names, and instead keep affordable clothing stock. Like there's some sort of snobby stigma. What's even more interesting is that it's usually...
Have you ever felt that perhaps you now have quite enough material goods, and really don't need to spend any money on more and more things, other than small amounts for food and such? So have I. Now only if I could stick to my resolution of not buying anything else...
Usually there's a reason people run out of money. Usually that reason becomes apparent when they are spending borrowed money they had to borrow because of that reason.
Some people don't budget because they figure there's nothing they could change about their lifestyle. That may be true in a few cases, but there are some considerations to look at before you dismiss budgeting altogether.
Holding on to money can be tough, but it's not all math and dollar signs. Read on to learn how to account for the emotional component of money.
One percentage of the population holds ninetynine percent of the wealth. The poor are continually given their money to the rich. It is time we turned the tables and started to keep the money in the hands of "the little people". How to be smart with your money.
Everyone earns money but spending not properly. This post describes how to spend usefully the money.
Having decided that perhaps a basic knowledge, interest or even liking of maths might be relevant to our life after school, perhaps we can consider the REAL needs that could arise . . . . .
As of February 4, 2013, stores and businesses in Canada are no longer giving out pennies out as change. They can still accept the penny, but must pass them on to the banks when they do, for which the stores are credited the proper amount. This is causing some confusion for shoppers ...
Christmas seems to be a season where there is so much pressure in the boiling pot, yet there are many that suggest a need to move to a more basic holiday season and lose many of the excesses we see at this time of year. Is it time we seek a simpler and more family oriented holiday sea...
Sometimes in life you can feel your finances running away from you. At times like these it's important to knuckle down and take control of your finances. There are many thing you can do get yourself back in control, but two of the most important factors are self-discipline and sacrif...
While some things are a total waste of money, there are other things that you should consider spending your money on. Learn what things you should plan on buying and what things are a waste of money.
We have the ability to avoid unwanted and unnecessary spending. If we organize our spending..
This article gives the Drawbacks of Credit cards..
This page is about spending and paying our debts, we must pay our debts to live a peaceful life.
This article gives ways to organize your money and spend it in a good way. Organize your money and read the money saving tips.
Tracking all our expenses is a good thing which help us to know about each and every spending activity of us
Most of us are interested in spending our free time with our friends, which gives more fun and enjoyment to us
How quickly time seems fly, we are now looking at another season for Valentine
It is such a wonder how there are so much changes to people and places in the season.
Inspired by the Write/Market/Design and dedicated to my hubby Troy
Money is valuable for all of us without money nobody will ask you or bother to speak to you in real life too............
You may always know that saving money can be a beneficial habit for the future of you and your family. However, you may not know how to develop this good habit and let it make some changes to your life. Well, you may read this article and get your answers:
If you travel abroad and you would like to buy some gifts it’s very important to know the local culture. In this way you can avoid the unpleasant situations.
How that spirit of Valentine, can sometimes just bring out another side in us.
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