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People in Canada who use a sperm bank for reproduction need to know that there is very little regulation and one donor can produce hundreds of babies.
Low sperm count is a factor in a couple's inability to conceive. A new study points to a fatty diet as being a factor in low sperm count.
Some women are actually allergic to their husband's or boyfriend's sperm
Many arrogant ladies have been swinging for too long and when they come back from the graves, it may be too late.
The demands of nutrition on fetal development should not only be done by the mother alone. But, the father also should pay attention to her nutrition because it will affect the development of the fetus during pregnancy. Instead, men should pay attention to the intake of folic acid bef...
Contraception refers to a practice or set of practices that aim at prevention of pregnancy as a result of sexual activities. It includes both natural and artificial methods and the artificial ones which would be discussed more in this posting relate to preventing the sperm from reachi...
Why young gals must know the value of procreation ,when it should be and not waste the gems.
Many may not know what milt is So Google it or short cut read me..
This poem is all about birth life and death ..the ultimate finale...
In the journey of female reproduction sperm cells its movement in egg.
Surrogacy is a kind of agreement in which a woman takes the responsibility of bearing and giving birth to a child for another couple or person.
This article contains some of the most interesting facts and it is a must read article.
This poem views the growing population of the world, as an agriculturist converts wheat seeds and rice it a mass production .So do we add on in a game of multiplication....
In India the mother is always blamed for the sex or gender of the baby she gives birth to! This is absolutely a wrong notion prevailng in the society! Read to know how the sex of the child is determined!
From the part of the world I come from, a male child is highly sought after. A family can not truly be said to be fulfilled without having at least 'man' in the house.
This article contains some really amazing facts related to the human body.
These two poems are written as a consequence of some one doubting and some one else taking an advantage or is flaunting.
Which came first ,water, blood or semen? Also what is the order of priority?
There are so many men who have problem in performing well in their bed due to the small size of their penis so here I have an article for them.
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