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No party is complete without a few refreshing cocktails and quick party recipes that are packed full of flavor and spice.
Rinse fish, part dry with paper towels and place in a shallow non- metal dish. Sprinkle with salt and pepper.
Rendang is one of the specialties of West Sumatra (not from Malaysia), which has many fans in Indonesia
This a way to make a great sauce for friends,family, or clients alike.
What is Chicken 65? It is an chicken dish I first experienced in the middle east from an Indian family who owns a restaurant, long story short I did them a favor and I was welcomed to a wonderful dinner. It is savory, colorful and best of rather easy to make. Please read all the inst...
Bingo calls are simply specific terms used to denote a particular number(e.g. 1 = Kelly's Eye). In honour of the popular game especially in UK, the author provides some origin of the numbers become words.
Not all stuffing is based on bread or cornbread: here are two quick spicy stuffing recipes based on rice – Cajun sausage meat stuffing and vegetarian Persian stuffing.
Wikinut is a place where you can write a simple page as well as a star page as you get to know the techniques of spicing up with some catchy images and special formatting. I have many friends at Wikinut whose articles I love to follow, and this is a way I can follow them from my blo...
What goes better with pork than a sweet and spicy sauce. These slow cooked pork ribs will have you licking your fingers, to make sure you get every drop.
If you’ve ever experienced the joy of eating edamame while waiting for your sushi, you know how addictive these little treats are all by themselves. Here’s a way to enjoy them with an added kick.
My own quick and easy recipe for a bowl of hot and spicy noodles
This article shows how to make Spicy Pepper Biscuits.
A delicious recipe for spicy meatballs. Easy and quick to make.
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