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This page is dedicated to the celestial exploration of Waltz music in Cosmos and in Love, through which one of the basic fundamentals of Physics are applied to human nature. Read further to explore it yourself and listen to it.
Earth's atmosphere and all forces , protective shields, magnetic field, perfect tilt and spin are specially design to sustain life.
Spinning is a fun and challenging way to work out. If you've never tried it, here are some tips on ways that you can learn how to spin.
Those good old days of yesteryear with Frank and the gang
Red Dancer, dancing in red, spinning around the stars
When the body's gyroscope is thrown off, balance becomes elusive. Medically, the phenomenon is called vertigo.
People in Brodilova in the souther easter part of Bulgaria are following a Bizzare dog spinning ritual to avoid rabies
No more than a small county town in the UK now, but in times long past, Trowbridge had its own claim to fame with the rise of the Woollen industry.. From traditional hand spinning Cottage industries to the Industrial Revolution..A time of change and progress..and a town that got left ...
Ancient community customs of Transylvania-carnival time.
Have you ever found yourself in the monotony of life, wondering how you will ever free yourself from the never-ending bore of the same old routine? Did you know that your daily life can be exciting. The key is: Find out the purpose of life and never let it go.
This poem is the outcome of my wandering mind at times when I could not come up with an emphatic idea of my own heart getting confused with many incomprehensible aspects of life. It is a fact that this poem too has evolved into such an imperceptible monologue, which the readers have ...
This short article will serve as a good guide for beginners who learn textiles in their academics. This will give a brief introduction of various processes involved in manufacturing a cotton ring spun yarn.
This is about change, and how it can be really terrifying. A lot of people have changed in my life, and while I didn't pay attention, they slipped right through my fingers. Also, everyone has changed from when we were little kiddies. Innocence gets lost so easily.
The wool of angora rabbits is the only natural fibre that can be spun immediately after "harvesting", i.e. plucking or shearing the wool from the rabbit. Angora rabbits don't get hurt or killed in the process as many people assume. Just like sheep or goats, angora rabbits are also ver...
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