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This article asks a lot of questions, and then it tries to provide a few of the possible answers to these questions. These are big questions like: Who is God? Who are we? Can these types of questions ever be answered? Read on at my attempt to do so.
I have heard it said that there is never a wrong time to say, or to do the right thing. Is this right though? This article explores this question in relation to spiritual law, balance, timing, and the way that things are said, or done.
This opinion piece gives my ideas about the impersonal nature of laws, such as the Karmic Law. Controversially, I am saying here that this is not true at all. Every single law, including here even physical laws, are personal, and fitted to you personally by your own soul. Jesus Ch...
The Law of cause and effect is a very well-known one indeed. It is even mentioned in the Christian bible, where it says that you reap what you sow. All of this only ever applies if you are a sower though. If you solely just love, this writer is saying that this law, and no other l...
Astrology has been studied upon the Earth plane for thousands of years. This writer is saying here that similar schemes of explaining the way that things work also exist upon the other higher planes of existence too.
Abundance is a law of nature. Everything is supplied and created from this great law of Abundance. Love is the supplier. The paradox is though that we must empty ourselves first of our own desires and wants, and only then can we find what is truly real abundance.
This article contains some thoughts about laws for you to contemplate on. The laws talked about are any type of law, from spiritual to physically based ones. The surprising postulate and conclusion here is that there really are no such laws at all. They are all inventions of our own...
When you are attracted to something, the attraction is nearly always a sort of trap that entices you away from love. "Desire nothing, love all," sums up this article.
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