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The Only Spiritualist This is the best spiritual read...I have seen in living life, I always thought,...Spirits lived in heaven,
There are lessons to be learned from the sentient and non-sentient beings of our world and of our cosmos.
Perception of truth, or of our inner nature, our inner reality, involves a process of negating that which is unreal, that which is not. Here's an attempt to depict the process.
Forgiving oneself is often felt to be challenging, and perhaps more difficult than forgiving others. Perhaps we need the right perspective to motivate us to know that we deserve this forgiveness.
Why do we find so many reasons for initiating conflict. Are those reasons really valid? Universal love and brotherhood are innate in all of us - let's make an effort to rekindle those in us.
Without the presence of the noble qualities embodied in a woman, I posit that the cultures and economies of this world would not last long, and the political systems might well end up in a state akin to the law of the jungle.
It is all to easy to judge others. When we do that, we fail to see truth and beauty.
Grace is commonly misunderstood. It is available every moment and everywhere, and is manifest all the time, if only we could awaken to it. It is more common than one might think.
A blind and brute-force fight against negative tendencies tends to result only in frustration and despair. Proper understanding of the nature of each negative tendency and the right strategy would lend greater confidence in our efforts toward overcoming them.
There are many apparent opposites and contradictions in life and in living. Yet, if we were but to look deeper, these contradictions are not only immediately dissolved, but the dissolution results in new understanding that is at the same time, sweet, beautiful, and profound.
Rumors are inevitable. We all experience their attacks at some point or other in our lives. What will gives us the strength to deal with those situations?
Why do feel ourselves vulnerable to the worded criticisms and accusations of others? Why do we not have the strength to withstand those darts thrown at us?
What is the connection between human attributes and divine ones? What practices might help one to achieve divine attributes?
Ego comes in the way of your understanding of self, life, and the world. It is useful to contemplate on the ways in which it may blind us to reality.
We are assailed constantly by forces that we have no control over, such as the criticisms, accusations, and expressions of judgement by our fellow beings. Patient contemplation and introspecting can help us identify an inner zone that serves to center us in times of perceived turmoil....
A misrepresentation, by our mind, of our true nature, causes endless problems. Listening to the inner voice, and holding a strong faith in our Maker's unconditional love for us, will help us in facing our struggles, and in enjoying what life has to offer.
We are conditioned to constantly create veils and walls, that then prevent us from seeing god's presence here and now.
One has to be ruthless in cutting one's ego down to size - this process can be painful, but the rewards are priceless.
All deviations from our natural state of peace and bliss trace back to the ego. A process of erasing the ego leads to dispelling of all illusions, and reveals the true nature of the self, the world, and the interactions between the two. One then sees the latent potential and goodness ...
A mystical representation depicting human advent, sojourn, and return.
From the union of compassion and purity is born true love.
What makes us quick to jump into the fray? What makes us quick to judge and condemn, before we even bother to see with a neighbor's eyes?
Our present state has its basis on our past reactions and responses to our interactions with, and in, life. It is useful, and heartening, to remember that each of us has a worthy mission and purpose to live for, and fulfill - and that we are fully equipped for the mission.
This poem is aimed at portraying imagery of the eternal play cycle of human birth, struggle, and realization.
We are quick, and perhaps mechanical, in letting the words and behavior of others affect our state of well being. These few lines provide an approach one could possibly use to preserve peace and equanimity within oneself.
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