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A spiritual warfare poem about intense persecution.
An intense spiritual warfare poem on some intense persecution it'd take God to help me overcome. If it be His will.
The inspiration for this poem came from actual Rolie polies. I've been still going through a couple of persecutory plights for following God and, in the midst of your storms, at times, He'd still give you discernment.
Here's a light new abstract poem about life and a little spiritual warfare. Enjoy.
A poem about spiritual warfare and life in my reality.
It's funny, in earlier seasons, or my earlier years, I ministered about offense and false humility and the false sense of security it could bring. Well, in current years, the persecution had only increased with my fame. Stay in prayer and repentence. The hour is at hand.
In spite of the heavy persecution I'm under and been under for years now, I'm still hopeful in the Lord. It's more the principles than anything to me though. The evil itself isn't nearly as disturbing as the fact that it's been long known by the whole world and still continuing to thi...
Here's a spiritual warfare poem of illumination. One of my more prophetic ones.
A poem about my longrunning commitment to my poetic profession.
The multifaceted persecution has changed in many ways but it's not gone. At almost any time, it flares back up, especially when I embrace my passion for God. A lot still manifests and when I'm focused on one thing, I realize another part of my life is under attack.
Here's a spiritual warfare poem of truth I finally completed. That's really how it feel but it's fine.
A spiritual warfare poem about a particular persecution that had been manifesting a lot around that time.
The Only Spiritualist This is the best spiritual read...I have seen in living life, I always thought,...Spirits lived in heaven,
Here's an upbeat spiritual warfare poem of Truth. The result of the constant persecution I'm under. I illuminate the darkness and fear no evil.
Here's an abstract spiritual warfare poem of Truth. With God, it's possible to make it through the hard times in life. Without Him, we'd be doomed.
The second installment to my recent peace of the same title. This one sheds light on a different perspective of it though. The intensity of the resting state of the persecution is still detectable. Embracing the testimonies of what I have gone through is not in any way detrimental to ...
Here's an abstract spiritual poem about life. Enjoy.
Here's a spiritual poem of romance with a slight spiritual warfare twist.
Another season of intense persecution and the only peace I have I find in the Lord. The devil doesn't have the victory but the Lord does! Even when things like this happen, I know what the ultimate result will be.. God will return and He will save His saints from the world. In this, I...
Here's a poem I believe can generally speak for itself.
In this poem, I got back around to breath life back into an old idea I embraced a while back. Spiritual Warfare Video Game.
Here's an abstract spiritual poem of truth. I guess you could say I live life sort of "reserved".
A short abstract poem of life, time, nature and truth.
The Bible urges to set our minds on the spiritual things above and to dwell only on what's good and praiseworthy. It's more profitable to pursue and labor for what won't fade.
A poem I wrote while in somewhat of a period of "darkness". In such times, I reflect back to the basics. The Light and cornerstones of life.
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